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### New York Jets vs Oakland Raiders Game Thread ###


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5 minutes ago, johnnysd said:

They could have beat us worse if they wanted. The game was not competitive on any level and the Raiders have a bad defense.

They wanted to. They even kicked a FG at the end of the game with a 22 point lead. Today the problem wasn't with the Qb or the offense. It was that fumbled return and defense. Not that the offense was good but for awhile it kept us in the game. 

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James Carpenter, 83.4 overall grade

Jamal Adams, 83.0 overall grade

Marcus Maye, 81.4 overall grade

Kelvin Beachum, 79.0 overall grade

WR Jermaine Kearse, 75.0 overall grade


Top 5 Jets grades from last yesterday  . Safeties are playing Well . Just imagine how bad we would really b if it was still Pryor and Gilchrist back there 


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CBS commercial break wtf?

was it just in Canada? or did anybody else have Mcown go gown for a 3rd down sack at 28-13 - Cbs goes to commercial break for 12-15 minutes and come back with Oakland up 35-13 right before they score again 42-13

Cbs just skipped Oakland 2 scoring drives and put a huge commercial block? Was that like some kind of mercy for Jet fans?  

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27 minutes ago, joewilly12 said:

Im not gonna say much but I need to say this, the team is poorly coached in every aspect of NFL football, Todd Bowles needs to go sooner than later, and we are  bad team. 

Can fire Bowles and Macc together far as I'm concerned ... don't want nothing to do with these 2 going to next off season

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