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Odell Beckham takes a piss like a dog in the endzone- classy Giants fall to 0-3

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2 minutes ago, ASH1962 said:

Sponsors don't think so. His stupid hair and face are on TV every 5 minutes. And during the games they have to flash him on the TV every minute virtually

The Giants have transformed into the Beckhams. Ownership seems to embrace it. What the Giants have turned into is frankly bizarre. The dude literally took a piss on the field today knowing he'd get flagged lol. No one on the Giants even bats an eye. At least most Jets fans got on Rex for the stupid antics.

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5 hours ago, Bleedin Green said:

I actually have nothing really against the Giants, but Beckham has to be one of the most unlikable players in the NFL.  Despite how talented he may be, there's even a good number of Giants' fans who don't like the guy.

I would say there is definitely alot of Giant fans who don't like the guy.

Will be interesting to see how John Mara handles this.

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10 hours ago, Jetsmanjb said:

That commercial was absurd.  Did anybody else see that? 

Well obviously you don't have young kids who play sports or who have friends who are merciless abut them being Jets fans. That commercial like it or not is about as real as it gets.  My son loves the NYJ because his Daddy loves the NYJ but given his druthers and none of my influence he would not be a Jets fan. And you know what I don't blame him after 40+ years of this team ruining my Sundays, Mondays, Thursday nights, My favorite holiday Thanksgiving (effing butt fumble) for his 8th birthday in November I am going to get him the OBJ jersey he has been begging for. 

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