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### Jets \ Jaguars -- (Let's Get to .500) Game Thread ###

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That's cute and awfully childish for an adult? You are an adult right? Feeling a bit confused.  I would not count "being banned from a Jets message board" amongst my life's greatest achievements next

Yeah but Lee gets to eat free on Thursday at Ruby's Tuesday when with an an adult. 

If anyone wants evidence as to why Jets fans are laughable, just read this thread after the win. Suck it tanking loser draft obsessives.

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2 minutes ago, RutgersJetFan said:

Well that's not very Canada-like.

You are correct.

But even Canadians get tired of people hoping their team loses.

Its been going on for years in Cleveland.   How has all those first-overall picks been going for them?  How many Super Bowls have they won now?

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I know that your team is winning - which is pretty depressing, but on the positive side:

1. there may be a good QB in the 2nd OR in FA

2. if your team can play well without a QB, imagine how they can play with a good one

3. I is only the 4th week; we can still suck enough to get a high pick :-)

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2 minutes ago, talisaynon said:

typical jets. get fans excited. finish 7-9 draft a dlineman with the 13th pick

bowles gets fired next year after we go 4-12, new head coach drafts a corner with the first round pick

and round and round we go

And where does it stop?



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34 minutes ago, JetFaninMI said:

Close but Herm Edwards still takes the cake in my book. That man was the worst clock manager I have EVER seen.

Bowles challenges him for the reign supreme 

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