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### Jets \ Jaguars -- (Let's Get to .500) Game Thread ###

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That's cute and awfully childish for an adult? You are an adult right? Feeling a bit confused.  I would not count "being banned from a Jets message board" amongst my life's greatest achievements next

Yeah but Lee gets to eat free on Thursday at Ruby's Tuesday when with an an adult. 

If anyone wants evidence as to why Jets fans are laughable, just read this thread after the win. Suck it tanking loser draft obsessives.

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3 minutes ago, Patriot Killa said:

So...the Saints D just pitched a 20-0 shut out on the Dolphins...


we still think we are that good?

Better as a whole because we gave them  a garbage time touchdown for self esteem and shit

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2 hours ago, slats said:

Once the Jets were everyone's pick to land the #1 overall pick, it should've been obvious that it wasn't going to happen. 

All I wanted in this year's draft was a trade down that netted the team an extra first next year. That would've set them up nicely without all of this tank talk being necessary. 

It's still early. Don't know if the Jets are surprisingly good, or the fish are surprisingly bad. In the meantime, I like seeing young players play well, and I'm hoping to see the young QBs and WR's join in the fun. So I root for the players to improve and for the coaching to improve because I expect the same regime to be here next year. 

All indications are that the Dolphins are trash. Agreed with everything else.

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22 minutes ago, Pac said:

You forgot the meth, missing teethed people, and absence of vegetation.

EXT: Jacksonville shoreline. A battered fishing vessel washed up onto the beach. A lone sailor tumbles over the bow. Climbing to his feet, he surveys the coast and spots a doughy, shirtless white male propping up a child's surfboard.


Sailor: I see the hurricane has passed through here, too.

JiF (spitting tobacco): Weren't no hurricane.

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