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******** Official Week 6 Jets Vs Patriots Game Day Thread ********

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I am way more angry that I’d expect. A loss is acceptable. Losing this way, robbed by a dozen plus sh*tty biased calls, is enraging.

This was the worst called game I can recall. Absolute result-changing work by the stripes.

Go **** yourself a$$hole. And keep the neg reps coming, I got 16,000+ more you trolling little Pats rooting ****stick.

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1 minute ago, Mogglez said:

Leonard Williams is still on his rookie deal.

Are you high?

It's nice money; he was a 1st rounder. 

Are we arguing about his contract or his sucking ass? I'll concede he is not the highest paid DL in the NFL, but he does right now suck ass at football. 

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4 minutes ago, CrazyCarl40 said:

He didn’t get cut. He opted out. He’s better than a solid number of QBs starting today. Including the Jets QB. 

He restructured his guaranteed 13 million dollar contract to opt out to save the whales instead.

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Just now, Stark said:

Pats down 14 pts are like, no sweat just gotta settle in

Jets down 10 like, world is on fire..... just run the ball up the middle for the rest of the game


Lack of urgency , running play clock down to nothing. And they only have 1 timeout. Bad coaches just call plays, good coaches grasp the whole game strategy. 

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18 catches 6 weeks into the season is 3/week. Hence my response. Duh.

We're not a passing team, 18 catches on 18 targets, 3/3 today with a touchdown, no reason to go away from him is my answer to your response

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Just now, Maddog45 said:

Mcclown misses Anderson wide open in end zone 

McCown has missed a wide open Stewart at least 2 times earlier too. He only looks 7 yards down field. He also seems to feel pressure that’s not there

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