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******** Official Week 6 Jets Vs Patriots Game Day Thread ********

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I am way more angry that I’d expect. A loss is acceptable. Losing this way, robbed by a dozen plus sh*tty biased calls, is enraging.

This was the worst called game I can recall. Absolute result-changing work by the stripes.

Go **** yourself a$$hole. And keep the neg reps coming, I got 16,000+ more you trolling little Pats rooting ****stick.

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Not sure what's gonna happen here today. This crowd is not gonna be happy . Wouldn't want to be the refs when this game ends. Not defending anyone doing anything untoward, but that's the biggest BS call ever.

This game was an unfolding disaster, but that's the cherry on the top of the sheet sundae. 

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i don't ever want root for a player to get hurt, but to me, it is time for the jets to play a little dirty - if you can't win - at least the other team should remember you... 


Even the homer commentators are still talking about it -


1. Gronk grabs facemask, but adams gets the PI

2. Gronk pushes off

3. Tuck rule 2 - fumble rule...

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