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******** Official Week 6 Jets Vs Patriots Game Day Thread ********

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I am way more angry that I’d expect. A loss is acceptable. Losing this way, robbed by a dozen plus sh*tty biased calls, is enraging.

This was the worst called game I can recall. Absolute result-changing work by the stripes.

Go **** yourself a$$hole. And keep the neg reps coming, I got 16,000+ more you trolling little Pats rooting ****stick.

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5 minutes ago, Crashing&Burning said:

This microscopic regulation of the game by the officials is destroying the sport. No one knows what a catch is anymore, PI and Roughing the Passer calls seem totally random and arbitrary, and then you have calls like today that boggle the mind. The game is becoming unwatchable compared to what it was even 10 years ago. 


In their zeal to call every play correctly they are over doing and over analyzing. Talk about unintended consequences 

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Just now, CrazyCarl40 said:

Penalty by a terrible practice squad player to start this sequence was perfect. 

Put a hit on a guy's shoulder; if that's "blacking behind the back", that ridiculous.   4th and 12. 

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10 minutes ago, Miss Lonelyhearts said:

It was a bad call but it's hard to do anything besides laugh. You don't get to complain about bad breaks when you make nothing but bad decisions. The last thing we need is positive variance running around masquerading as actual results.

I was about to say, Bowles and Macc will get cover from that one call for the rest of the season. 

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