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Looking ahead to offseason as we near midpoint of season


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Things are starting to take shape for the offseason:

Rosen and Darnold are likely off the board for the Jets:  The Browns are unlikely to win a game this year; they are imploding, simple as that.  They are worse than they were last year.  Is it possible that the Jets lose out and San Francisco starts winning?  Probably not.  So I am starting to think that it is unlikely that Rosen or Darnold are coming to the Jets.  ANd that's assuming that Darnold is coming out at all.

So that leaves the next tier of rookie QB's and the vet QBs as options for next  year as we have a banner amount of money to spend.  Given the west coast offense, I think we can now expect the Jets to be in play for Cousins, but it will depend on what SF does.  SF has the clear advantage for him, but I think the Jets will be in play.  Beyond that, Garropolo may be in play, but I find it hard to believe that Bellichick will let him walk to the Jets... wildcard here, would anyone be surprised in Green Bay pulls a deal for him right now for the rest of the season? 

So I am still assuming the Jets pick up a journeyman, hold the fort guy like Alex Smith, or maybe take a shot at Teddy Bridgewater to join the QB room, and then consider the next tier of QBs in the draft, who should be really good.  Gut tells me they are still enamored with Josh Allen, so it will be interesting to see if 1) he drops to around 10, which I think is the territory the Jets will likely be picking, and 2) if the Jets think his upside is worth a first round pick.  But there will be 2nd and 3rd round QBs in this draft as well.  Guys like Rudoloph, Mayfield, Falk and Browning, to name a few.  Could easily see a situation where Jets go BPA in the top of the first round, and then package picks to move up into the bottom of the first for the QB of their choosing.

Right now, I'd go all in on Cousins, and then go BPA in the draft to keep building (while taking a QB in rounds 3-4).


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We aren't getting Alex Smith, he might be a superbowl winning qb.  Also we aren't getting Garropolo either, BB turned down the 11th pick and next years 1st from Cleveland (which could have been Darnold or Rosen)..  

I'd love to make a play for Cousins, but I don't see how that could realistically happen.  We would be talking about the biggest contract in NFL history style of back breaking deal and that might sink our franchise for decades...

I think our best play is to either trade up a few spots or settle for one of the question mark qbs in the draft (they do turn into franchise qbs sometimes).

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4 minutes ago, GangisGreen said:

I do not see how the redskins will let Cousins walk. I have been reading that they are willing to franchise him again if they have too. 

His salary will be at least 30million if they franchise him again, would they even have the cap space to do that?

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