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### Jets \ Dolphins Game Thread ###

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Starting to understand why the Miami police beat up Robbie Anderson

"Jeremy Kerley is a threat on punt returns" The announcers should really do some research PRIOR to calling the game 

Not coincidentally, 1995 was also the last time that we had a 14+ point 4Q lead. 

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3 minutes ago, PS17 said:


Blame the coaches when your up 14. Why give the ball to an old slow RB when it's hot & guys are getting tired. Where's the youngster McGuire? A guy with quicks & burst. Why are guys like Landry WIDE OPEN on 3rd down?

Bad coaching with a lead, and terrible personnel decisions in the 4th quarter. Not rocket science. 

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1 minute ago, gEYno said:

Yes, need coaches who will only call the good plays

not a very good comeback; i called it in the 3rd quarter - you can't sit on a 7/14 point lead. not complaining about any single call. they got conservative on O and D - everyone knows it. he does it all the time. you can't win if you play not to loose...

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2 minutes ago, dbatesman said:

Gotta love these young studs Macc has brought in

Jets: young team with 80 Million to spend and 3 picks in the top 60. Those young studs are basically playing even with playoff teams from last year and likely beat the AFC south champions already. All that with below average QB play.

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What a terrible loss. Brutal collapse. Why did Buster not get benched in the 4th quarter?

Robby throwing his helmet and having a hissy fit? He better get fined.

And it is beyond time to bench McCown. Put Petty in and start trying to build something.

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1 minute ago, Stark said:

Anderson is mad because he was open? McCown just can’t find open WRs 

I think that is why he was mad. But they have gotten everything possibly out of McCown. They need to make a change. I really hope they do, it is pointless playing him.

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1 minute ago, Snell41 said:

Stop dude, that was a godawful decision by a 38 yr old QB, just like last week before halftime against NE.

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You stop DUDE; clearly you don't understand my point; it wasn't what dumbass QB did; it is that fact they went into prevent in the 3rd; and while we are at it - maybe the dumbass 38 QB shouldn't be in the game ...

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