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Just now, UnitedWhofans said:

Go root for the Giants

You seem to follow them a lot more than I do so why don't you go take your own advice?

Go blow smoke up their asses about how Eli can actually play into his 50's and that as long as they stop being #BadFans, MacaDoomForOpponents can lead them to 5 Super Bowls.

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the only thing more disgusting than the Jets offense today is the vultures circling this thread trying to act as if todays game is indicative of how they've played all year.

you guys do realize most people on this site have watched all the games this year, right?

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8 minutes ago, dbatesman said:

Countdown to our first "Hansen and Stewart looked good today" thread: 10 minutes

The only question left is whether or not it's gonna be Pac who starts it or his merry band of sunshine farters/multiple thread starters WhoFans or Kevin.

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6 minutes ago, UnitedWhofans said:

No it’s not. The Jets are a bad team. They were expected to be a bad team and they are.

Today proved they are a badly coached team too. Losing to this Tampa Bay team whose season for all intents & purposes was already over, back up QB, no #1 WR, bad dline, last in sacks, 30th in giving up passing yards & you score 3 points? Morton couldn't make up for the way below average play by his Oline, and literally zero playmakers. Bucs D did a good job of scouting a below average offense & took away the run & short passes. With McCown & his slow release, rookie like reactions at 38 & penalties the Bucs kicked our azz.

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