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Just now, Barkus said:

Oh man this would be a disgusting pick. A LB smaller than darron lee in the first round? With mayfield still available?? Just the thought of this makes me want to grab my pitchfork and torch right now!!

I will join you in a civil protest at Florham Park ENOUGH IS ENOUGH OF THIS BULL sh*t!!!!!!!

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6 hours ago, JiF said:

I wasn't defending Jeff George. lol.  But yes, "leadership" is completely overrated.  Do I think it's important, sure...but I'd rather have a guy who can play than can talk.  I don't think Aaron Rodgers is an amazing leader and nor do his teammates, but he's the best I've ever seen.  The guy before him?  Not exactly a leader but pretty damn good.  Both have rings. 

I'm not saying draft a dip sh*t...but leadership is overrated.  And if you think leadership is super important, than why are we even discussing Mayfield?  He's not exactly the type of player that pro's are going to follow. 

Again, the Jets have prioritized "leaders" and yet, the team is still a bunch of assholes. 

I think the Jets should focus on finding guys that are good at Football. 

Leaderships important. I think the fake hustle leadership that guys like Adams etc bring to the table that the new aged media/ESPN seem to buy into can do more harm than good though, especially when the player doesn’t produce. 

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