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Film Review: Week 10 Jets @ Buccaneers

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9 hours ago, thshadow said:

Thanks for the analysis!

I don't get why Anderson doesn't get more love on this board.  He seems to get open deep very consistently for someone who supposedly is a one trick pony, and he high points and catches the ball very cleanly...

He's not that open on his deep runs.  Most of them are like the TD from last game.  Open by a half step requiring a perfect throw or some sort of 50/50 acrobatics (to his credit he's definitely gotten his share).  He's also mostly handled by CB1s in man to man.  

If his route running was a little more polished and people respected his route tree he would be really wide open, but so far we haven't seen that.  I've seen other speedsters like him before in this league, and you know pretty soon if they develop or fall off a cliff.

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