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Russell Wilson

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On 11/21/2017 at 7:34 AM, Jetster said:

This guy would have turned this franchise upside down. We all know the story that leaked from Florham park that Terry Bradway was pounding the table for this guy. I'd love to know who & why he was overruled. It doesn't change it but it might shine a light on the disfunction of this franchise & I believe the disconnect in the power structure is a huge issue. It's why Rex was allowed to draft John Connor or his sons FREIND from Clemson. With everything I'm reading about the reviews on Hackenberg when he was drafted, it's scaring me that Macc is another one of these guys trying to find a needle in a hay stack. GMs do this all the time, trying to be smarter than the average bear.

Thats how guys like Stephen Hill, with all of what? 11 catches in college gets drafted in the 2nd round. Or Vlad Ducasse in the 2nd & then we find out he can barely understand English, but he played for Umass? Other than Hack, I believe Macc has drafted pretty well but the Hack mistake has had more ramifications because he did make a mistake drafting Hackenberg, we ignored our future QB sitting right there for the picking in Deshaun Watson. It's like doubling down on his mistake so I do understand fans here who want him fired.

In fairness to Rex, he did laugh at the Stephen Hill pick immediately lol

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18 minutes ago, jack48 said:

hut he never pays. Ha ha

You could argue he had the greatest career of many players. Probably earned more money than 90 percent of all those drafted in his class, hardly ever took a hit, body in good shape still.

he will leave the game unbruised, probably 4 to 8 million in the bank and having played with Many HOFers of which he will fill pics on his office wall when he retires.


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