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### Jets \ Panthers Game Thread ###


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4 minutes ago, UnitedWhofans said:

Jets fans whining. Yet again. Always whining. Never stop. Will be losers the rest of their lives because of it

Who fans whining about Jets fan whining.  Yet again.  Never stops.  Losers gunna lose. 

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8 minutes ago, JoJoTownsell1 said:

Honestly, this is on Bowles. Being the second most penalized team in  year 3 of his reign is inexcusable. If you lose because your QB is incompetent or because you lack talent, that's fine, but when you lose because of stupidity that's all on the coach. 

Yea but he’s good with shrimp 🦐 

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A few things: the Jets weren't robbed by the refs in this game. The Jets lost because ASJ forgot how to catch, the Clown with one of the most stupid fumbles I have ever seen, special teams that can't cover my grandmother, and a a$$ hat that decides to late hit with the game on the line. Oh and Todd Bowles

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Just now, tfine said:

Well I’m done with the NFL how many time do you feel like after a great play is made your walking on eggshells expecting a flag? that’s it for me...

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3 TD's today (yes, 3!) and each one of them you have to sit around and wait 2 minutes to find out if it stands. Unwatchable.

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33 minutes ago, AbstraKt said:

He stripped himself.

Lol.  McCown. Showing the suck.  Good fumble man, would have happened to like .001% of rookie qbs. Probably the reason we lost. Gave the panthers all the momentum there. Oh hey, also thanks for those 2 short dump offs to end the game. Those are high % plays to get 80 yds.  McCown is horrible.  And to the people who will say they’re were other plays in the game that we screwed up, yes there were. But the biggest was the McCown pitch to Keuchley for TD. 

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I tell you what for a caoch that is known for defense his defense certainly makes allot of mistakes at the wrong time. That is a sign that the coach is having some type of issue, whether it is the players are not good enough or they are not right for his system but after three yrs they should have made a better improvement

It is not his fault they do not have a good offensive line but it his fault that the two former first round picks on the dline seems to have regressed. He should be fired on the performance of the defense overall because if I went into a job and said I x really really well and sucked at x why should they keep me around

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