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Just now, T0mShane said:

Man, can’t believe Mark Ingram just outran Jamal Adams down the football field considering Jamal Adams ran a 4.3 40 on his twenty-second attempt on turf at LSU’s practice facility where they use the metric system and 40 yards is actually code for 38 yards.

How dare you hate on the Leader Of Men.

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4 minutes ago, SenorGato said:

Or CB  but otherwise completely agreed. Defense has been completely undermined in the NFL during the 2010s.

I disagree. Not anymore. the is no such thing as a shutdown CB impossible nowadays not to mention sooooo many busts for what's less important than pretty much anything on offense. 

Get elite offensive stars and a great DC who can scheme with a certain style and an good edge rusher. 

Kinda my thing when I take over 

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There's  something poetic & symmetrical to seeing the season come to an official end with an opposing player out running your latest 1st 2 picks to the endzone, complete with them tumbling over each other and one looking injured. 

Like past meet the present, and present welcome to your future, all in one play.

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