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F××× it, I'm gonna be optimistic.


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5 hours ago, Beerfish said:

Bowles is by far the worst coach  this team has had since I started following them at the beginning of the Herm era.

It’s not even close. It’s on par with the Kotite era when they secured the #1 pick at 1-15 and were forced to take Keyshawn because no QB was worth the value that year. Kotite at least had a passionate innocence in regard to his futility. Bowles’ stoic persona is akin to a Thanksgiving dinner gone rotten. Kotite was pitied by most if not all Jet fans. Bowles is the antithesis of a spoiled brat you just love to hate.

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22 hours ago, freestater said:

We're gonna get our qb. The front office has some serious coin to spend. We're going to invest in some centerpieces to build an offense around. There's no reason Todd Bowles can't turn it around. There are a s××× load of couches out there who look like geniuses when they have a quarterback. 

Our defense is going to have a year under their belt, and we are probably see an upgrade on the outside. Sheldon could come back, who knows! The safeties are going to get better, and the addition of a a true edge rusher would change the pace of an already dangerous (at times) defense.

So yeah... I'm happy that everything will stay stable and we will be walking into what should be one of the most entertaining offseasons in years. Here's hoping! Stay safe tonight, guys. Happy New Year! 

Well fxxx. I feel better already. 

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