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Should we really be this worried about Macc's ability?


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3 hours ago, T0mShane said:

I think the larger issue is that he doesn’t find good players in general, particularly at QB, CB, C, and pass rusher. Kinda problematic during an alleged rebuild. 

It really bugs me that he was not allowed to pick his coach, but I have to agree the drafting has been mediocre. Maybe having a better coach might have helped with the drafting.

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17 hours ago, MDL_JET said:

Yawn. He passed on Watson, so now he's completely incapable of finding a QB? Right. 

Passed on Mahomes too. Mahomes in one game in his rookie season passed for more yards than Hackenberg in 2. So the Jets have no QB and Macc is taking back to back safeties. Even if he gets a QB in the draft they'll have them on the 3 year no actual playing time schedule. Macc should have been fired this year.

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13 hours ago, MDL_JET said:

Hey. Jaguars defense didn’t become dominant until their GM in his 4th year made all the right picks. And they still didn’t come together until the following year when he added even better FA peices to compliment. They kept adding peices. Even after some bust. I don’t even the majority of his first draft is on the team anymore. Patience! Jets fans would’ve ran him out of town by that draft after 3 years of Bortles. 

You left out they got a competent coach. One who can make in game adjustment and not look stupid on the sidelines. Oh and also their defense is not coach by an equally dumb coach named Kacy Rodgers. Who I can't believe hasn't been fired yet.

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14 hours ago, UnitedWhofans said:

Interesting question, and I agree with the general nature of the article,

Is there a GM who has drafted 2 franchise QBs? I mean basically you draft one and that's it.

I think Macc can spot QB talent. The two QBs that he has brought in FA worked out okay. Both had solid seasons. But the long term aspect is the problem

Belichick. Brady and Garropolo. I know small sample size on Jimmy G, but he’s a franchise QB barring injury.

Tuna drafted Bledsoe, Romo, and Pennington (franchise guy without the injuries)



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3 minutes ago, Harlemnite1 said:

You left out they got a competent coach. One who can make in game adjustment and not look stupid on the sidelines. Oh and also their defense is not coach by an equally dumb coach named Kacy Rodgers. Who I can't believe hasn't been fired yet.

Yes, after he failed with hiring Gus Bradley. 

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10 hours ago, Gas2No99 said:

Netting 3 "Dominant Pro Bowl-caliber Studs" in this draft is asking a bit much, but possible. Mac needs to find IMPACT players that can see the field IMMEDIATELY due to their size, talent, speed, etc but mainly YOUTH. 

The EASIEST way for him to hit on players who can do that would SIMPLY be drafting OFFENSIVE SKILL & OLine players. Considering the DEARTH of talent currently on the offensive roster, ANY infusion of YOUTH and SPEED on offense would be MUCH more impactful in improving the team immediately. Shell and McGuire were OBVIOUS upgrades to the offense the last 2 years in terms of depth and cost. Drafting another RB, a OT, and a TE in the first 3 rounds would DRASTICALLY improve the performance of this Morton WCO (besides QB obviously).

Mac needs to draft players that CONTRIBUTE! Devon Smith, Mauldin, J Harrison, Dion Simon, Hackenberg, Charone Peake, Jordan Leggett, have not contributed. 

Our '16 7th round Punter from Australia has had MORE of an impact than the aforementioned players. 

The offense has been neglected for so long, by merely drafting offense early Mac can redeem his rep because those rookies would contribute and improve upon the incumbents. Ardarious Stewart was disappointing, but Chad Hanson came on late with increased playing time and rendered Kerley irrelevant and released. 


Would Bowles PLAY the rookies? That's another conversation for another night . . .  :(

I agree with all this, and he can't just take BPA available at 6 and stiff the rest of the draft. We're both saying the same thing I think with only some slight differences. 

Bringing up Caldwelll again is just easy bc I already looked him up but:

year 1: 0 impact players

year 2: 6 impact players/and I'm not counting Bortles tbf (2 Pro Bowl, 1 All Pro)

year 3: 3 Impact players (Fowler, Cann, Yeldon)

year 4:  3 Impact players (3 Pro Bowl potential/Jack&Ngakoue, and 1 w/ All Pro potential/Ramsey)

year 5: 2 Impact players (both Pro Bowl potential) Fournette, Robinson 


year 1: 1 impact player with Pro Bowl

year 2: 2 impact players (and I'm being nice) Lee/Jenkins

year 3: 2 impact players (1 with Pro Bowl potential) 

...all 5 of what you can even consider "impact players" and I'm using the term loosely, in his first 3 draft are all defense. Granted it's still early and not writing off the offensive picks yet, but it is what it is as of now. 


Now look at Caldwell's first three years and keep in mind he tanked his first draft completely....9 impact players including two really good OL one being a pro bowler, a pro bowl WR, and an All Pro LB, also Fowler who had the freak unfortunate injury.

his drafts look even better or as good as his year 2 in year 4 and 5.


...So in relationship to Caldwell's work, Mac really has to start hitting on multiple picks.

...Mac doesn't have a "year 2"like Caldwell and needs to have something like a "year 4" that Caldwell had

...and to your point and I agree, we need to start seeing some development somewhere with the picks who are non impact to date, whether that's Stewart, Burris, Shell or whoever.


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17 hours ago, ChuckkieB said:

Mac's career track record as a scout and as a GM s is poor when it comes to QB's so yes, Jets fans should b worried.  Unless several of these college QB's all of a sudden turn into a slam dunk, can't miss prospect, Mac has to properly identify which one he rates the highest and then trade up to get him if necessary.

If he's swings and misses this year he will almost certainly be out of a job so the pressure is on to pick a winner.

Mac should properly identify which Qb he rates the highest and stay the f@ck away from him and draft his least favorite! 

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