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Just now, Persiussa said:

Maybe I’m crazy but this doesn’t make sense to me, I thought he did a great job this year with what he had.  

He wasn't a disaster and considering what we had to work with not sure why. My only gripe was always running on 1st down, that needed attention but the rest seemed ok.

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1 minute ago, JetFreak89 said:

Who is going to want to come here knowing that they are on a 1 year deal? Especially with all of the HC changes this season, plenty of opportunities for guys like Haley to choose you would imagine. I thought Morton did pretty well considering the talent. 

Someone who thinks he can take over as coach in 2019.

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1 minute ago, nyjunc said:

but the DC comes back for year 4, he and Bowles have been a dynamic duo coaching that underachieving defense. 

next year at this time we'll likely be looking for a new HC.

Bowles and Rogers are tied at the hip because all Kacy does is run Bowles' D. Todd will never fire him and bring in a new DC because the new DC won't run his D. 

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Remember when Chan Gailey actually cobbled together an above average offense in 2015? Fitzwhatshisname was the 12th ranked QB per FO. Morton didn’t do that last year, this guy isn’t/wasn’t some savior on offense. IIRC this 2017 was something like 23rd in the league and the QB play went down from that high in 2015.

On top of that some of these playoff coaches on offense are *very* young. McVay, DePhillipo, McDaniels is a two time HCat just 41, etc....Go that route. 

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2 minutes ago, UnitedWhofans said:

It seemed that as the year went on his shien began to diminish

You mean after the mediocre McCown went down and he was left with a bad QB and no backup?  Meh.  I think he did pretty well considering he had a shoddy line, a UDFA at the WR1 and Matt Forte as his lead back.  Honestly the fact that they scored at all is pretty amazing.

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