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2 hours ago, varjet said:

It is very theoretically possible that the Jets do not end up with any of these QBs.  They may also decide that they don't like Rosen or Allen.  

But, I think your point is a good one, the Mac will need one of these QBs.  He could end up picking Allen so that they have someone to hang their hat on, even if he does not work.  The incentives here are all wrong.

The Giants are the key really-do they take a QB or trade to someone who does?

Yeah like I mentioned it may seem unfair to say “oh you need one of these players specifically,” but he did this to himself.

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Replying to @Bigdogz1318

don't read anything into the Jets meeting with Mayfield extensively at the Senior Bowl- they met with all the QB's at length. Maccagnan gets a lot of crap but he's a hard worker..one of the few GM's I saw in Mobile on Thursday night



Gives the impression that they are going to try for one

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