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you guys are all fcked.  JAX should be doing everything in their power to ditch Bortles and sign Cousins. Unreal that i'm reading pro-Bortles posts. Unreal...  And how fitting is it that we

How many cups of coffee do you drink and how long do you spend stuck in traffic on your way to work in the morning needing to take a piss. I refuse to believe this board really pisses you off that muc

You answered your own question 

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1 hour ago, #27TheDominator said:

Strongly disagree.  Gailey was not trotting stone hands like Matt Mulligan out there at TE.  He was simply running a TE free offense with an extra WR on the field and using a bigger WR in the role of H-back/TE.  Mostly Enunwa. I am quite sure that teams have as much trouble accounting for Enunwa as ASJ.

I don't think you're disagreeing with anything I posted. I made the observation that during our TE free offense that there were a lot of posts complaining we didn't have a TE. And IMO now that we have one that is developing and seems comfortable at the Jets we should continue with him.

I'm all for having as many looks as possible, ASJ at TE, Enunwa in a H-back roll, some hybrid 2 TE setups. 3-5 wide. deep threat, strong bodies across the middle. I don't think we need to pick.

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11 hours ago, JiF said:

Loaded roster.

Best owner in the league. 

Father is a Pastor in Orlando.

Tom Coughlin

Jax would be hard to pass on but I just dont see how they can work him into their salary cap.  They've got a lot of money hitting the books over the next 2 years and probably 5-6 players they need to highly consider resigning.  They would have to sacrifice the roster talent depth to accommodate Cousins.  After you finally saw Bortles come in to his own after watching him flail for 3 seasons. 

and like coughlin or not he gives the team's front office some serious credibility.  when he talks the team will listen.

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2 hours ago, Pac said:

No..  no one does.  cause it didn't happen.

What I do remember was him being cut and the Jets being in an early enough waiver position to nab him before other teams, including the Pats, could snatch him up.

You do realize if we don't re-sign him the Pats will and he'll become Gronk Jr, right?

You must be as lit up as everyone's favorite drunk unlce at Christmas. Holy whacked out. 

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12 hours ago, 32EBoozer said:

Jacksonville would be tough to beat! Income tax benefit, great weather, shut-down "D" and a very good running game. Nice stadium to boot.

OK - you've convinced me!...I'm switching my team loyalty to Jacksonville!....and moving there too!...from Honolulu no less!...just don't know how my avatar name is going to fit in there....

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1 hour ago, HessStation said:

You must be as lit up as everyone's favorite drunk unlce at Christmas. Holy whacked out. 







A couple weeks ago you were defending Jenkins and correctly extolling his virtues but lately you've let the ilk hypnotize you into becoming their lap dog.  Stop spreading hate and misinformation!  I demand it!

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On ‎2‎/‎7‎/‎2018 at 9:54 AM, Dcat said:

Trey Burton instead of ASJ.  Better hands.  I don't think ASJ will ever learn how not to bobble the ball.  Burton looks solid. Graham would cost too much and he is no longer the productive TE he was when with Brees.  Too much cost for the risk there. 

ASJ has very good hands, so not sure where this is coming from. His drop rate was 2 out of 74 targets which is better than all the top TE's, from what I could see.

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17 hours ago, Charlie Brown said:

It is amazing that fans don’t get this.

We are not picking 1 2 or 3   

If one of these drafted QBs the Jets draft don’t pan out it will be over a decade whereby Josh McCown will have been the best Jets QB by far and that isn’t a disgrace.  

This idea of your “own” QB is fantasy island. We are are not 10 year olds in our custom fit Jet underoos!!

The goal is to get the best QB possible, for the most important position in foot; and if that is Cousins, so be it and for gods sake go out and get him!!

Couldn’t agree more that Cousins should be our number 1 priority. If we strike out we should exhaust all avenues to obtain the QB we want in this draft.

If we strike out on that...hope the NFL eliminates the QB position completely and formats us to rugby rules. 

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