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Mafia for Beginners - Game Thread (GAME OVER - Town wins)

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Anyways daughters wedding shower went off without a hitch. Cooked  for two days. Even baked my daughter one of these silly cupcake wedding dress cakes. My younger daughter found it on line so her and.

Just so all the newbies know, it is customary on JN to never lynch a newcomer on D1 so you are all safe... from being lynched.   Your emotional safety is not guaranteed, but if you follow th

don't you thrive in the night?

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On 3/8/2018 at 3:54 PM, Lizard King said:

You obviously didn't do a thorough job on your re-read. Hess hinted cop. Or are you trying to kill the cop?

I already know you turned out town, but this was awful. Just awful.

On 3/8/2018 at 4:03 PM, CTM said:

and fwiw, hess hints at various power roles all the time. i don't take any of it too seriously

Because of this. You've played at least a half dozen games with Hess, right? Lol

On 3/8/2018 at 4:04 PM, Integrity28 said:

LIzzie is scum guys. I’m barely paying attention here. Just skimmed  like 10 pages.

i told y’all that Nolder was setting a narrative. I was right.

i also told y’all that Lizzie was working to kill Nolders train, but without it looking like defense.

just lynch him.

You keep reminding people how little you're paying attention and skimming. Like...a lot.

On 3/8/2018 at 6:45 PM, Lizard King said:

Maybe let @AVM @JiF @BallinPB @HessStation Check in before killing me off sparky 

I'd have still strung you up.

On 3/8/2018 at 10:49 PM, HessStation said:

Spot, Crusher inv you tonight 

...why Crush night 2? 

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Official Day 4 Vote Count

CTM (3) - CTM, Ape, Stark

AVM  (4) - Brick, GATA, Lizzie, Crushluv

Lizzie  (1) - Spoot

Hess (1) - Hess



Not Voting (2) - JiF, AVM

With 11 alive, it takes 6 votes to lynch


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On 3/8/2018 at 11:18 PM, GATA said:

Kudos to myself for realizing the correct side. As opposed to jumping on trains. 

All of you that made a case for him after he actually defended himself shame on you. 


Hahahaha you were meant to play JN mafia, no doubt

On 3/8/2018 at 11:44 PM, CTM said:

Don' ssleep on avm either, he got quiet after changing to leelou, subbing and switching sides can be demoralizing 

Switching sides point is good - though I've done it a couple times in conversion games, difficult challenge more than demoralizing, for me. And to be fair, I've only posted in bursts all game - though this was the longest stretch away. FOS me for defending myself with no votes, wifom for bringing it up, etc, etc

On 3/8/2018 at 11:44 PM, CTM said:

What a mess! 

You are genuinely enjoying this game and I really don't think you're scum..and you rarely post stuff like this. Don't think it's scummy, actually comes off super genuine. Meh

On 3/8/2018 at 11:57 PM, GATA said:

I will try to be more calm cool and collected. 


comes it time. Or it doesn't and you become Lizzie :)

On 3/9/2018 at 9:06 AM, CTM said:

i guess doc blocked hess NK?  lets see what hess has to say.

I want to vote AVM

I'm not going to fight hard to stay alive since i was wrong on lizard and understand i'll be a distraction but think town should start with avm tomorrow

Why are you rolling over so easy? 

On 3/9/2018 at 9:56 AM, CTM said:

So a vanilla game with a role blocker who happens to still be alive. A bit hard to believe tbh

I'm fine with being the lynch, lets make it quick so I can replace ballin tho :)


vote CTM


On 3/9/2018 at 10:09 AM, HessStation said:

Bc I' could just get blocked the rest of the game scum can use the wifiom you just set. There's two left prob GF and RB, it's just as much a wifom as help. Only bc town has the numbers and a little insight. Plus the intel of reactions. 

Plus coming back as Ballin sounds fun

And now so is the uncountered cop? What the actual f*** guys haha

On 3/9/2018 at 10:36 AM, GATA said:


Pictures not half bad

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On 3/9/2018 at 11:01 AM, CTM said:

Also.. fwiw.. I'd assume doc protected Hess.. but if hess was RB why would scum shot fail, they wouldn't have RB and NK him.

perhaps it's an either or? I dunno, but something stinks

Throws balance out of whack. Only time I remember either/or was in multi-scum team games. Unless there are 5 scum with no GF...then maybe? But then cop and doc are somewhat OP.

So far we have 2 vanilla scum or goons, however it was worded -- given it's called out, one would expect there are scum PRs (at least one). Taking a shot at guessing there isn't no cop would be a play Hess would try but right now there appear to be roles and an uncountered cop, right now, makes no sense to target.

besides - down two after two...why would scum role block instead of nk? Even if it's to set up, they're fighting a numbers game right now. Seems far more likely they have a roleblocker and their kill got blocked.

On 3/9/2018 at 11:12 AM, CTM said:

If scum have a RB and a NK , then the lack of NK is suspect... it's possible the doc self protected, I can see some egomaniacs (jif, ape, etc..) doing that for sure, but that would mean scum tried to shoot doc. (which means cop or doc dies tonight for sure)

If scum don't have a roleblocker, trying to shoot Hess and getting blocked is basically game over. A smart scum team would shoot for the doc, hope they hit, then get the cop on N2. Especially if you were town -- after Hess flips cop they can try to push Spoot or you as GF trying to draw an investigation. Easiest path to get back in this.

It is worth noting the first person to randomly say "I assumed there were no roles" was Nolder. I pointed out back then we'd had plenty of games that were "beginner" and had roles. Still don't think that's the case.

But the above thinking (CTMs)is why we can't lynch Hess today. If Hess is telling the truth, we go to daybreak tomorrow with no cop or doc, most likely...unless scum just don't want to win and have the rb or nk option you mentioned. If he's lying, you force him to name one more. Doc, thinking/knowing there is a rb can self-protect and scum have to rb the doc. If Hess lives, he has to have a result. If he dies, better than lynching him and having a dead doc - who could then reveal at daybreak. A counter and town could even entertain ignoring the two and lynching from the non-doc pool, force scum to eventually take out our doc.

thats just one of an ton of ways this could play out, but no way does it make sense to lynch Hess right now 

On 3/9/2018 at 11:22 AM, HessStation said:

Maybe they have a choice to NK or RB? 


On 3/9/2018 at 11:49 AM, HessStation said:

Disagree given the numbers. The role is creating the wifom and is useless until we find the RB. it narrows the pool with Spoot and Crusher at least not RB, (still could be GF)

Finding the RB for doc sake is more important for end game. 

You and Ape are creating the obvious wifom and somehow finding it suspicious that I acknowledged it first, Ok. 

Remove the wifom and I'll come back tomorrow and vote you again unless I'm your my teammate. 

Id prefer a more challenging end game anyway



On 3/9/2018 at 1:10 PM, CTM said:

I agree!

But the wifom web was created by the lack of a NK and you having no results. I am simply thinking about possibilities. Certainly wasn't expecting this at day break.

I've never seen two claimed townies asking to be the lynch, practically, at the same time. And I believe you're both town

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On 3/9/2018 at 2:07 PM, BrickTamland said:

Well it is too bad about lizard king. He was innocent after all. I got excited about the killing and he ended up dead. I’m partially responsible sure. I was leaning on some of the guys that i thought are better than me at this.

the way it played out leads me to think that some of the oldtimers are scum. I mean jif, crusher, ape.

i am suspicious of stark. He is supposedly a newcomer but very confident and aggressive. I feel like he may be a puppet.

spoot talks a lot. Which i initially wanted to kill him for. But i am leaning towards thinking that its just enthusiasm.

Avm played way differently when he took over for leelou. He is my number1 target right now. Leelou early on wanted to kill pac and lizzie.

i am debating whether i should google mafia cop to see what this hess stuff is about.

i dont know why nobody died last night.

you play a chill game like me sort of without the desire to kill asap i guess.


...played differently? I have had maybe two posts since taking over for Leelou. Absence is not a play style unless you're intentionally avoiding the game and ducking in at opportune times.

to say I disappeared after taking over would be correct. You can't comment on my play being "way different" because I basically haven't played since taking over. Someone telling you to focus on "different play?"

On 3/9/2018 at 4:44 PM, BallinPB said:

CMON MANNN replaced?   It's ok I had a rough few days with power outage and threw my back out shoveling.  I just came back to work.

Awful sea chicken is awful!

On 3/9/2018 at 5:47 PM, JiF said:

Really starting to think killing Hess is the right call. He's useless and it confirm 2 townies.  The doc can self protect the rest of the game.


If Hess is scum, it doesn't confirm two rowdies. If Hess is town, scum have two PRs to handle and doc can play the will I self protect or protect cop again. Splitting rib/nk not a guaranteed success for scum.

so Hess is anything but useless...this isn't hard

On 3/9/2018 at 5:49 PM, JiF said:

Oh yeah, RB could RB/NK doc.  duh.



On 3/9/2018 at 6:18 PM, Spoot-Face said:

I think all this speculation on what roles there may or may not be in a vanilla game, and whether or not Hess was RB, shot at, or both, is just that--speculation, and it is only clouding Town's judgement and causing confusion. I think it's needless at this point. We've already gotten two Scum by relying (mostly) on scumhunting, so we're not in panic mode.

Now, I'm not saying we should take Hess at his word 100%--and by extension, nor can we rule out both Crusher and I as Scum--but I think should at least set that aside as to be dealt with later, and instead focus where else Scum might be hiding.

CTM -- obvious choice left over from yesterday as it was down between him and Lizzie.

Brick -- when I implored him to read and vote CTM, he made a comment that he "didn't like being told what to do", then was seemingly easily persuaded to vote CTM, but then eagerly switched over Lizzie without much word.

Ape -- I haven't liked the way he seems to jump in every now and then, starts cherry picking posts and nudging, declaring himself great, and leaving again.

Lizzie -- The sudden change of stance of voting JiF instead of CTM is glaring, and Ballin should've already been a suspect anyway.

Crusher -- I didn't like the way he seemed to completely ignore the whole CTM/Lizzie and subsequent cop outing ordeal, and instead dropped a vote on Gata.


I know it's kind of a wide net, but this is where I'd like to start today. And, ftr, I'm not clearing anyone else as Town. Not yet.

You don't even have Leelou/me in a top 5? I mean...whT?

On 3/9/2018 at 6:21 PM, CTM said:



On 3/9/2018 at 6:32 PM, GATA said:

Lizzie what for art thou? 

AVM where are you why shouldn't I vote for you ?

JIF (pnutbutter) you still haven't answered why you flipped so hard 

There's no gameplay from Leelou/myself replacing Leelou I can point to, aside from tonight's posts which would mean nothing if I was scum, as I'd know what was going on and this would all be a show.

I think better lynches are "I'm skimming and can catch all this" Ape, who is trying to play his greatest one liner hits but half-assign it almost intentionally...or maybe JiF who has on multiple occasions now posted idiotic things in what is starting to come across as an attempt to look like lost townie,

the "oh gosh I forgot AVM was mod confirmed town" plus "oh yeah, scum could rb/nk combo kill anyone" as it was already discussed- and I feel like there was one more obvious thing in all these multi quotes but can't remember right now -is starting to come across as fake

I keep trying to imagine CTM gambling that him laying down will save himself getting lynched as scum, but I'm struggling to see his overall game as scummy.  It feels like we have a game with one vet left as scum that feels they'd need a big play to try and win this thing, but feeling like that isn't the case isn't enough alone for me to want to lynch Lizzie. 

However, I forgot I quoted this next post lol..

On 3/9/2018 at 9:24 PM, CTM said:

i think you and jif are town, crusher and spoot have a claimed innocent inv, hess uncountered cop... gata i've come around to being neutral ... all that's left from there are  inactives and noobs who also aren't out in front and I don't know how you can have a read on any of them (although brick is most suspect). AVM and Lizzie seem different play style in new roles.

I'm saying that we SHOULD be pressuring inactives but especially less than active noobs. Maybe brick folds like a cheap suit, maybe stark does? I dunno This is pragmatic dude, particularly cause I know this evolved into town on town violence (me vs lizzie), I know you can't know that but I do.

You just want to go after the same suspects and not even look underneath any new rocks. That is folly.

Also pragmatic: is the reality that, you and jif have both voted me. Hess is locked on to me. Lizzie I thought for sure was going to vote me and numerous others have expressed interest (gata, stark, brick). I'm not in a position to do much of anything as everyone suspects me.


Brings back up different play style. Worth noting CTM immediately brought up seeing if my play style would change and then Brick brings it up later. Again - I was absent...not suddenly changing game directions or posting style getting changed up. No posting.

I could see a Brick-CTM combo...but I think I'm more burrowing in on self-defense. JiF or Ape make more sense.

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On 3/9/2018 at 9:51 PM, Integrity28 said:

I literally signed up to troll Pac and CTM. I didn’t read much of anything on D1. You guys were never going to get “old ape” here. LOL it’s smazing how much some of you insist on things/people never changing.

Good night folks. Big Saturday tomorrow

^^preimpted my whole "Ape is different" bit

On 3/9/2018 at 9:55 PM, Integrity28 said:

This guy has become the ape. Can’t help but reply, just keeps digging his hole deeper. It’s amazing the advantage not giving any ****s gives you in ball breaking... this whole page is me pissing in ctm’s corn flakes. Eat up, fart face.


On 3/9/2018 at 9:57 PM, CTM said:

There it is again, lol. 

You are trying to recreate the moment of glory you think you had against NoBowles in what was essentially 3 pages of two twats saying i know you are but what am i over and over 

You guys scum together doing this as a great show? Because that'd be just fantastic 

16 hours ago, CTM said:

I'm sorry you have a concave chest, child bearing hips and a tiny peepee. I shouldn't bicker with the disadvantaged.

 You have bested me yet again ape, you can have the last word. 


16 hours ago, Integrity28 said:


Good morning, how is being miserable and ruining everything going today? Big plans? Go to the grocery, maybe? Come home and convince yourself how awful other people are?

Nice little Saturday.

Ffs get a room.

15 hours ago, The Crusher said:

Hey, Sorry Ive been missing since yesterday morning but my bacon brain did me in again. My wife is hosting our eldest daughter wedding shower Sunday at 2:00.  Slipped my mind thought it was next Sunday. So that means You Crushlove will be very scarce till then. Im also starting office hours in 10 minutes  t I got to see patients this morning. I will jump on to do what I can when I can. I read very quickly this morning from were I left off yesterday.

My re-read through on Gata made her look like very solid and catching on quick. Too quick? Not tinfoiling it. The stuff I saw from AVM/Leelou was pretty stark in contrast to what he did as mod confirmed. I also agree that scum very well may be hiding down two and a lot of what I read this morning, especially the back and forth, felt town on town at times. So Vote AVM.    Watching Ape and CTM bicker again makes my fat heart swell with happy.

CTM has been someone I liked early game but Im concerned about this falling on the sword thing.  Not like him typically. Weird considering he started the game boasting he's an alpha and every one else are beta's. Yet I can see this play as town with our lead. Not sure

JiF is the town JiF I love. Ape is playing different than I ve seen but I like what he is doing.

Hess? Holy crap. He played so nonsensical in the beginning of the game I thought something was up with him. Even on his initial reveal I was like Hmmmm, kinda knew something was brewing. Don't have enough time to talk more on that until I look at it better.

Im sorry for now thats all I can dol  I will look at the game and try to keep up the best I can.  I can sit down Sunday after 2 because once the party starts Im locking myself in my study. Till then I got a "To do" list the size if my gut.



Okay, so toss the "AVM is playing different" angle being a setup from CTM. I'm just defensively tunneling.

15 hours ago, CTM said:

I like to get under his skin and watch him think it's me whose being trolled.

I think today should be me lynched or pressure inactives. AVM has 3 votes, I think that is good. I'm concerned that he's going MIA since the role switch. Switching teams can be a disincentive.



I have never once been disincentivized by team switching. I have been vocal that I have more fun a shot scum over the years, and I wouldn't have volunteered to keep playing if I wasn't up for potentially changing teams. I noted at least once or twice we needed to deal with Leelou at some point, so I was suspicious as AVM 1.0. 

Disappearing because I suck as scum and I'm hiding? Okay, sure - maybe that's the "different play" viewpoint...but I had a couple of posts and went dark. But I'd not get disinterested with switching teams. Never have, never will.

13 hours ago, CTM said:

I think it does + it removes a distraction. Only scum and myself know that the choice between you and me yesterday was choosing between which townie to lynch. Only scum and me understand that Hess (if not lying) would've got an innocent on me last night. Confirming this information will help town scum hunt. As it stands now, hess and ape are locked in on me, and I'm in jif's top 2 as well. So anything I say will be viewed as an attempted manipulation by 3 of the more vocal vets which makes me a distraction for the entire town. Remove the distraction imo.


12 hours ago, CTM said:

+ as I said i don't have a better option.

hess = claimed cop

spoot, crusher = claimed cop claims he got an innocent result on them

ape, jif = play has been town like thus far (jif moreso, but ape still)

Gata = more and more move her towards town, but certainly not worth lynching today and has already been pressured

LizzieBalls, Avmlou, stark, brick = not really enough information 

Hess and ape and jif want to focus on me, what can I do?

I thought I changed up my gameplay? O.o

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12 hours ago, GATA said:

CTM driving the narrative really gross. 

You’re getting ignored till I hear back from AVMLou 

As you go on to say - and I said, but in halls timeline comes after you said it - the falling on the sword thing is weak

12 hours ago, GATA said:

Can’t have me on ignore if you’re answering

Fuera ! 

Shhh you guys are ruling your own bit

10 hours ago, GATA said:

Theory: He’s scum and distracting us from the rest of them with the self sacrifice schlep. 

But I could be wrong.

I still think I prefer JiF...but yes. Coming around to this

10 hours ago, GATA said:

@Spoot-Face are you still team Lizzie

@Stark are you still team spoot

@AVM where are you?

@JiF any thoughts? 

Here now, paying the price with two hours of rereading a lot of CTM v Ape doing what CTM and Ape always do

9 hours ago, HessStation said:

I've done the self vote all day thing as scum before btw

As have I and plenty others. Have you ever been scum and NOT self voted before, is a better question lol

7 hours ago, HessStation said:

Scum list

1. Ctm 

2. Lee Lou/Avm

3. Ape

4. ballin/LK

5. Jif 

6. Hess 

7. Stark

8. Gata

9. Crusher

10. Spoot

11. Brick

This list is so great I'm not even hurt (that much) by being 2nd.

but I'm here now, so how's about we cause a little chaos, ignore CTM v Ape (for now) and lynch us up clumsy, apologetic JiF? vote JiF

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9 hours ago, AVM said:

I already know you turned out town, but this was awful. Just awful.

Because of this. You've played at least a half dozen games with Hess, right? Lol

You keep reminding people how little you're paying attention and skimming. Like...a lot.

I'd have still strung you up.

...why Crush night 2? 

Because people keep knee-jerk expecting me to do an impression of myself before I had two kids and I a job I enjoy.

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Official Day 4 Vote Count

CTM (2) - CTM, Stark

AVM  (3) - Brick, Lizzie, Crushluv

Lizzie  (1) - Spoot

Hess (1) - Hess

JiF (2) - AVM, Ape


Not Voting (2) - JiF, GATA

With 11 alive, it takes 6 votes to lynch

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1 hour ago, Stark said:

This stinks of protecting CTM or AVM. I don’t trust Spoot or JiF. Hell I think everyone in this game is a damn liar. Lol. What a game. 

Now you're getting it!

If you don't think everyone is a damn liar, then you're not doing JN Mafia right.

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57 minutes ago, Spoot-Face said:

Now you're getting it!

If you don't think everyone is a damn liar, then you're not doing JN Mafia right.

I have assumed everyone was lying the whole time. And the fact that everyone is jumping off CTM leads me to believe that he is being protected by some. Oh well. I guess I will go with the other of the 2 showman. Sorry Batman 



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2 hours ago, The Crusher said:

Anyways daughters wedding shower went off without a hitch. Cooked  for two days. Even baked my daughter one of these silly cupcake wedding dress cakes. My younger daughter found it on line so her and. Hooked it up. As a fat kid growing up baking with my mother and grandmother at the holidays meant I got the good stuff before anyone else. 

They did a tea party theme so we made that kinda  stuff. I was happy I didn’t have to attend would much rather cook for it. Coed showers are stupid and bad for Merica. My youngest did the set up. 

This is my eldest daughter who gets married in June with her future Mother-in-law and the ever lovely Mrs Crusher . 





Rex Ryan approves of all of this

  • Haha 1
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3 hours ago, Integrity28 said:

Things and stuff. Why not?

I thought he came off like town and he explained the whole CTM thing. 

You know his play longer though, why is he your vote? 

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