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Demario Davis reveals 'shocking' information about the Jets

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4 hours ago, Jetmech said:



Demario Davis reveals 'shocking' information about the Jets after signing with Saints 


MANISH MEHTA MAR 16, 2018 10:11 AM


The Jets were pleasantly surprised that Demario Davis did a solid job replacing David Harris last season, but he was never a priority free agent for them. In fact, Davis, who inked a 3-year, $24 million deal (with $18 million in guarantees) with the Saints, revealed Thursday that Gang Green basically had no desire whatsoever to bring him back.


"The shocking thing was the Jets didn't make me an offer,” Davis told The New Orleans Advocate. “So that made my decision easy, because all I had to do was look at the contenders.”


Davis racked up a career-high 135 total tackles and five sacks in his second stint with the Jets, who traded Calvin Pryor to the Browns for their former draft pick last summer after Harris was unceremoniously cut.


Although Davis surprised the Jets with his ability to do solid work as the Mike linebacker, there was a feeling in the building that his stats were buoyed by a scheme that funneled a lot of action his way. He also whiffed on some pivotal plays at inopportune times that rubbed some folks the wrong way.


Regardless, Davis’ desire to learn and compete hard was appreciated on One Jets Drive. The Jets, however, wanted to upgrade and get younger at the position. They felt like they did that by locking up former Titans linebacker Avery Williamson, who is three years younger than Davis, to a three-year, $22.5 million deal.



Linebacker Demario Davis reveals the Jets never made an effort to bring him back.IMAGE BY: BILL KOSTROUN/AP


Davis says his goal is to help future Hall of Famer Drew Brees win a second Super Bowl.


"We've got to put another ring on Drew's finger," Davis said. "This game is about winning. It's a winning organization. You have one of the top, if not the top quarterback, in the game. I just have a tremendous amount of respect for Drew and what he does and being a part of a winning organization that is going to be contending for the playoffs year in and year out. You look at what the Saints did last year. They are right there. When you're right there, there are not a lot of changes that need to be made. I think they are on the cusp of something special and I just wanted to come in and be a part of that."


In the end, the Jets and Davis got what each of them wanted.





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When does "whiffing on a pivotal play" ever have an opportune time? 

If a scheme funneled action his way and the man responded by putting up a pro bowl level performance means that he's a scheme fit. What type of garbage is this by Metha? 

It'll be funny to watch Drew first get John Vilma a ring, then Demario one as well. 


I f'ing hate this front office and the trash writers who cover this team. 

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I think it's surprising.
We downgraded (just look at last years performance numbers to start with).  Younger yes.
And we paid almost the same for the new guy as the Saints paid for Davis.
I'm ok letting over-ego schlubs like ASJ walk when they demand a billion dollars for 20 catches a year.
Letting Davis, a good story of a guy who came back and really blossomed and played pretty darn well, walk without even an offer or any kind?  Or a word to the player that the team simply planed to move on?


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3 hours ago, Jetscreen said:

Can you believe this crap? The front office of the Jets is behind the scenes bad mouthing Demario Davis even though he had an excellent, pro bowl worthy season. Meanwhile, their very own draft pick Darron Lee is all but a BUST and yet you don't hear a whisper about him?

You know I used to think Tanny had way too much of an ego pertaining to his own draft choices and would give them way too many chances to start performing. Now, I am beginning to think Mac is just as bad if not worse? At Florham Park the entire narrative is about how wonderful every draft pick they make is, meanwhile a player that was drafted by the Jets, although a different regime is sh*t.

I think it's safe to say Mac doesn't read this forum?

Where did it say the Jets bad mouthed him? You just made that up.

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