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If this is true, that's an awesome deal. Now we just have to pray somebody else takes Josh Allen and saves us from ourselves.

That’s a great deal. Cimini saying it only cost three twos. MACCGAWD. F”CK YOU BROS WHO HATED ON BIG MAC. @dbatesman @JiF

So you mean to tell me not only are we getting another crack at developing a franchise QB(trading up without giving up a 1 next year)......we are not throwing him to the wolves early because we have Q

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1 minute ago, Mackman55 said:

Is the assumption here that Mayfield is gone already? I guarantee that if Rosen is gone that Mayfield will be our pick at 3.

No, Mayfield will definitely be on the board. The question is, will the Browns want Darnold or Allen at 1? And that’s assumimg it’s true that Dorsey hates Rosen.

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8 minutes ago, MDL_JET said:

I knew damn well we wouldn't have to give up next years 1. It's just 3 spots. 3 2's is easily worth it for your QB.

If you get lucky enough to select a 15 year franchise QB there is no cost too great to do so.  They need to get this right and there's no way to know for years to come.  Let us pray.

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1 minute ago, CTM said:

imo Rosen is the best guy on the field, I'm not familiar with the off the field stuff. Hope he's available

Off the field, Rosen is a smug elitist not unlike Aaron Rodgers, but all of his teammates vouch for him. It’s allegedly coaches that dislike him. Trent Dilfer said Rosen was essentially the biggest a$$hole he ever came across at his Elite 11 QB camp. So take it for what you will. All good QBs are disgusting humans.

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