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To Those Who Wanted Kirk Cousins, What Are Your Thoughts Now?

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If the draft was before free agency, the priority would have been Rosen/Darnold.

But since we were at 6 and in no position to guarantee getting either, Macc was forced to at least try to get Cousins.

Now that Cousins is not an option, Macc did the best thing and moved up in the draft.

My personal opinion is that Josh Allen is not a fit for the WCO that Bates is going to utilize.  Yes, I get that we can change philosophies, but the type of offense that Allen could possibly excel in, is the Todd Haley built in Pitt.  The two offenses are quite different.

With that in mind, my hope is that Macc made this trade after analyzing insider info that either Cle is taking Allen or the Giants are taking Barkley.  This would guarantee Macc Rosen.  The guy he has been watching for at least the past two years and who also is the best fit in the offense that Bates it going to run.

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22 minutes ago, 1st Down said:

Always prefer drafting our own QB and take us all the way.  When free agency first started,

back in what 1992, it was tough rooting for a quarterback coming in from another team. This is exciting times for the Jets.   

The Jets have had “renters” stigma attached to them ever since moving out of Shea. They were “renting their livable space” at Giants Stadium, and then they “rented” Brett Favre for a year, they “rented” Parcells’ services for a quick few years.

Even though NYJ owns half of Metlife Stadium, it’s still not a stadium of their own. We didn’t need a 3 year rental of Kirk Cousins. We needed a long-term answer at qb.

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On 3/17/2018 at 2:56 PM, The Crusher said:

Good question. Not sure. I’m kinda digging this move by Macc. Prolly end in disaster but before today it would be 100% yes. 

I was not hot for Cousins.  I am not hot for anything this year, sadly.  Bowles is still going to be here.

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I was totally on Cousins but stated I would not go full depression if we didn't get him. I love the move up to 3, it's time for the Jets to get another QB & this is the year to take that chance. We're still a work in progress, Brady & BB are still in Gillette which means not giving up NEXT YEARS number 1 was huge! We also still have about 40 million to spend to fill some more holes. I'm not that hot on what's left in free agency & I think the Jets will wait to see if their are any more surprise cuts after the draft. 

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