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Todd Bowles Says Some Things

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22 hours ago, CrazyCarl40 said:

He also said it would have been hard to sign the Honey Badger because he wanted to start and he couldn’t figure out a way to use him.

Fire Todd Bowles into the sun. 

Well, he has Buster Skrine, doesn't he?  No room for the Badger. ha ha ha

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Funny how the coach said all the things you pretty much expect a coach to say this time of year but will get criticized anyway just because people hate him. lol The man cant win this crowd over no mat

"they traded up to No. 3 not with one player in mind but with 6-7 they believe they’ll have a chance at."   Ug, so why not stay pat at 6?

Anything said at this point about the draft should simply be ignored.  He knows, we know, everyone knows the Jets traded up with 3 QB's in mind - nothing more, nothing less.

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