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RIP Gunny


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He was originally hired for Full Metal Jacket as a consultant to instruct the actors how to be drill sergeants. The original actor for the "Gunny" part, Tim Colceri was not quite getting it, so Ermey stepped in to show him. He then laced into the "recruit" for 15 straight minutes without repeating one thing. Kubrick was so impressed that he replaced Colceri with Ermey on the spot. The rest is history and launched a nice career.

Colceri was given another, smaller part as consolation. He was the door gunner in the helicopter transporting Joker and Rafterman ("anyone who doesn't run is a well-disciplined VC ... ")

There were so many great ad-libs by R. Lee. The word "reacharound" took on new meaning for me after seeing this one.

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