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MFB 3 Sign-up thread

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Sign up here for MFB, looking for 12


1. Crusher

2. Nolder

3. JiF

4. Stark

5. Nyn

6. Hess

7. J80

8. Smash 

9. Ape

10. Brick 

11. Lizzie

12. Pac  (Needs daytime play solution)

13. GATA

If Pac plays game is full.




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36 minutes ago, Integrity28 said:


Good good. Been a while since I had an emo attack and tried to set someone's balls on fire.

I'm saying "tried" because on some occasions I just can't seem to find them.

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the stupid hack cost me access to the site during work hours.  anyone know how to setup a VPN or whatever it's called to circumvent the block?  I'm not playing on a phone..  it sucks


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