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Jets upset with Edwards from Hutchison


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Jets are irked by Edwards

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Star-Ledger Staff

Herman Edwards' refusal to answer questions about his departure from the Jets has angered some people in the organization.

"I was disappointed in Herm," one team official told The Star-Ledger yesterday. "I thought he would take the high road (and discuss his departure). He went out there to Kansas City and now he thinks everything is just going to go away. It doesn't work like that."

Edwards, who signed a four-year, $12 million deal to coach the Chiefs, declined to answer questions about his messy divorce from the Jets during his introductory news conference in Kansas City on Monday.


"I believe in family and what happened in New York, stays in New York," Edwards said at the news conference.

It was an uncharacteristic move by Edwards, who normally was open and honest during his five years with the Jets. Edwards was unavailable for comment yesterday, as has been the case since negotiations to leave the team for Kansas City started last week.

Edwards is expected to remain in Kansas City for the next few days interviewing coaches and players. The Jets, meanwhile, are continuing the process of finding his replacement.

Team officials will interview New England defensive coordinator Eric Mangini on Sunday, a day after the Patriots play at Denver in an AFC divisional playoff game.

Mangini, who turns 35 this month, is believed to be the front-runner for the Jets job. Yesterday during a conference call, Patrots linebacker Willie McGinest talked about what it's like to play for a coach only 11 months your senior.

"It's not awkward at all," McGinest said. "He understands football. He has been in a lot of great systems. He's been with Bill. He's done his dirty work. He's done his time and he's doing a great job. He uses what he has. They do a great job at putting us in positions to be successful."

And what kind of personality does Mangini have? Does the New England defense reflect it at all?

"Eric is aggressive," McGinest said. "He likes to win. He likes to get after people."

Last night, GM Terry Bradway and assistant general manager Mike Tannenbaum had dinner with and interviewed defensive coordinator Donnie Henderson, who interviewed for the Saints head job and may get an interview with the Rams.

Today, Rams interim head coach Joe Vitt is scheduled to interview. He and Bradway are longtime friends. Former Saints coach Jim Haslett has already interviewed, and former Vikings coach Mike Tice will interview next week.

Other candidates includes Jets offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger and special teams coach Mike Westhoff, Tim Lewis (Giants), Jim Skipper (Panthers), Jim Fassel (Ravens) and perhaps Ron Rivera (Bears).

Staff writer Paul Needell contributed to this report.

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What the F is that. If Edwards is smart, he will say NOTHING because it will implicate him and teh Chief organization.

No, if you want to show that you were wronged, YOU have to say something and make your case, instead of protecting friends and cronies and brusing everything under the carpet.

No one else can help you, Jets. You have to help yourself here. We all know it was not above the board dealings here, but you have to make your own case.

Edwards will not make it for you.

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I have read a lot of retarded crap on the web, but this one is going to go into a special file.

Why in Earth should he talk about it and who in their right mind would?

What is the benefit of talking about the departure? Would it help his team in KC? Would it help the Jets find a new HC? Would it help the players in NY?


Time to move on.


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