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The Wizard of Oz, A Wizard's Nightmare...GAME THREAD


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The old man sat in his carriage lost in his own thoughts. His dreams of becoming the most famous magician on earth had faded and now, alone with his horse, Sylvester as his only companion, he travelled from town to town a broken con-man. When he was young, it was said he had a gift...to see into the future. “Ha!", he thought. Those were the days. What state was this anyhow, Kansas? Who knows. Who cares. And that poor frightened, lost girl who just left him. Seemed like such a sweet thing. He hoped she’d find her way home before the storm. THE STORM! sh*t! The storm! “What am I doing just sitting here…a storm is coming!!!"

But it was too late. The biggest tornado the old man had ever seen was upon him. “That bitch,” he thought…that red herring of a bitch. If only I was paying closer attention. This is what I get for being a good samaritan. If only"…



...and just like that the massive twister was upon our old friend. And it swept him away…

Welcome to:
The Wizard of Oz, A Wizard's Nightmare 




1. Brick

2. Stark

3. CTM

4. Lizard King

5. 80

6. Gata

7. Crusher

8. Smash

9. Ape

10. Nolder

11. Jetscode

12. Leelou 

13. Nyn

14. Verb

15. JiF

16. Pac 

17. DPR

18. AJ - Roleless Horse (Mod-Killed D1)

19. Doggin  - Roleless Wizard (Mod-Killed D1)

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Game Rules & Theme:

1. Absolutely NO CHARACTER REVEALS or HINTS. You will be Mod-Killed swiftly.

2. This is NOT a Bastard Mod Game. I will be self indulgent with the scenes but tried not to with the mechanics

3. NO showing PMs or describing PMs of any kind. Random.org picked everyone's roles except Leelou's

4. Whatever else is the norm when we play these things.


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The old man awoke in a field of poppies. A giant emerald city stood before him in the distance. It was beautiful. No, It was more than beautiful. It was the most amazing thing he had ever seen. The colors...he had never seen all these colors before...


While gathering his wits, a sweet voice came upon him. A girl. The girl? It looked just like "her". She stood center on what looked to be a yellow brick road. 
“Hi there, Welcome to Oz. Don’t be afraid, you are safe. Come here. Take my hand. Come here. Onto the road. Oh, don’t be so silly, I wooon’t bite. My name is Dorothy. I am the ruler of this land.”



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It was then that the old man felt a nudge to his hand. Sylvester. It was Sylvester his horse!!! "Oh good boy you made it," Said the old man.

"What a pretty horse," said the girl. "Please do come here now. I will take care of you and your horse. Help you get home. I will take care of you both. Come now."

As the old man drew closer to the road he suddenly felt uneasy. Something was wrong. Terribly wrong. Sylvester did not follow. Yet closer and closer the old man was drawn in. Soon his feet were on the road and now only a few feet away from the girl when...



“STOPPPPP!!!” a voice cried out. ZAPPPPP. A green witch appeared just in time. A bolt of lightning hit and stunned the hideous girl, if only for a moment. And the old man was swept away just in time on a brom stick.


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The storm clouds rushed in. Thunder shook Oz to it's knees. It appears there was a split in the time space continuum. A vortex appeared from the sky. And from it came what appeared to be...a wizard. The wizard? Yes, but only younger and more handsome. 

"Behold I am here to save the day," he smiled.

But the omnipotent God-Mod would not have it. There was only room for one Wizard in this story, however handsome and charming this younger one was. And God-Mod only appreciated the originals. So with a swift hand he wiped the good looking, young lad from this existence...back to his tangent universe. 


James Franco, aka Oz The Great and Powerful, aka Doggin, Roleless Wizard, was wiped from existence of the game @Doggin94it


Day 1 continues. There are now 17 players left alive, 9 votes to lynch.



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