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[Advanced] Usual Suspects: Last Man Standing Town Wins!


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What the cops never figured out, and what I know now, was that these men would never break, never lie down, never bend over for anybody...anybody.


This is a Kaylee/DPR collaboration!


1.This is a Hybrid Hammer game. If a majority lynch is not met by deadline, the train with the most votes will be the lynch. 


2. You may not reveal your gang. Doing so will result in an immediate MK. Character / role reveal is fine.


3. Days will last 48 hrs or until lynch. Nights will last 24 hrs or until all NA’s are in.


4. This entire game will be filmed and posted on Youtube with your real names and contact info.


5. Something about sportsmanship, spirit and gifting the mods with expensive bourbons – the usualstuff. 


6. Game the mod and the mod will game you back. You get 3 guesses who wins and 2 don’t count. 

7. Some players hail from different time zones. These are prime candidates for speed lynches, lol. 


8. If you are new to JN and you have an uncontrollable urge to shower after only a few pages, this is natural. Sorry not sorry. 


9. 14.


10. I won’t lie – there are A LOT of guns in this one. Tighten your sphincters. 


11. Absolutley no memes are allowed in this game. Not even Bowie.


12. Just kidding, lol – the more memes the better. 


13. Don’t fry bacon naked. Trust me on this one. 


14.  GFY – it always bears repeating.


Good luck. You’re gonna need it. 




1. GATA "Sandor Kovacs" Town - joined Hungarians

2. CTM "Arkosh Kovash" Town joined Hungarians has been killed

3. Crusher, "Bruno"  Town joined Redfoot NKd N1

4.JiF, "Agent Jack Baer", Town Stayed solo (could've been Donut gang), has been killed

5. JC, "Sgt. Jeffrey Rabin" Town stayed solo (could've joined Donut gang) NKd N1

6. Dice - Todd Hockney Town stayed solo (could've joined Usual Suspects gang... which was mafia) Lynched D1

7. Brick "Janos Szabo" Town joined Hungarian

8. Ape, "Lenny", Town, stayed solo (could've joined Redfoot gang), has been killed

9. Stark, "Dave Kujan", Town, joined Donut gang, has been killed

10. 80 "Redfoot the fence" Town joined Redfoot gang,  has been lynched and shot D2

11.SPOOT/Verbal , KEYSER SOZE, THE LAST MAFIA had Keyser QT and infiltrated Hungarians , HAS BEEN LYNCHED 

12. Nynaeve "Daniel Metzheiser" Town joined Donut gang, has been killed

13.Smash, Mr. Kobayashi, Mafia, was in Keyser QT and infiltrated Redfoot gang, killed N2 

14. Zander "Dean Keaton" Mafia joined Usual Suspects gang, killed D3

15. BWN "Michael McManus"Town, stayed solo (could've joined Usual Suspects and became mafia) Lynched D3

16. Leelou, "Freddy Fenster" Mafia joined Usual Suspects gang, killed D3




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3 hours ago, Leelou said:

Vote 80



7 minutes ago, BrickTamland said:

Vote 80




Image result for funny VIRGIN gifs



2 hours ago, Nynaeve said:

This turned out being a good morning :-D

vote gerbal

Exterminate exterminate!

Verb does deserve death for removing ISOing from DM!!!!!!!



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