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Sign up thread.. theme is...


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ok I think I got it...  probably going to start the game thread tonight unless it I get tired then it will be tomorrow night.. 

repeat I can NOT mod during the day..  I'll either need a co mod for vote counts or the 1st player who dies can help me out if they want.

Verb and DPR are in..  if they don't show anyone who dies can assume their roles unless they have sensitive intel.

that said roles are random so anyone can be anything.  no assumption should be made with regards to their guilt or innocence. 

taking a leap of faith that they'll show.. 

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5 hours ago, Verbal said:

I feel like I missed a joke there somewhere with my absence.....

Short story: You gave Gata a gun last game, she used it on you, and that became the main reason she sussed me out as Scum after I replaced you.

It was hilariously frustrating.

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