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"Make Football Violent Again" statement from Vikings player on new helmet rules

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1 hour ago, JetsfanLI said:

It’s worse in this area. I have been a director for a large youth program in the tri-state area since 1999. In 2004 when my oldest boy was playing we had 800 boys playing tackle football. Last year when my youngest aged out we had less than 200 boys playing tackle football and 400 playing flag football. Parents don’t want their kids playing tackle football anymore because of all the CTE talk. That and other sports like baseball, basketball, soccer and lacrosse being played year long now.

Long Island is a wealthy educated part of the country.  It’s better in other parts of the country.  Still worrisome 

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He’s right At this pace, we’ll be watching flag football within 20 years. Well, I won’t. But you mooks will.

leather helmets and all this goes away.

CTE is going to kill the game. Let's just hope the Jets win the Super Bowl before it does.

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