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Will likely have several games available in 246, Row 6, face value for Jets fans

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Living out west but still having season tickets is a unique challenge.  I'll be back for a few games and I gift a couple games to family and friends for things like Christmas.  But, I will likely have several games available to sell and I always prefer to sell to fellow Jets fans (at face value) and avoid fees on sites like Ticket Exchange or Stubhub.  Excellent location and a great value in Row 6 of Section 246A (Mezzanine Corner).  I'll post the available games in a couple weeks.  Go Jets!

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6 hours ago, jetscott said:

Any for colts game?

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I'm actually flying back from Phoenix to go to that game.  I will likely have the Vikings and/or Bills game available and I'd sell at face value to Jets fans.  Will know if either of those games are available in the next week or two.

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8 hours ago, jetstream23 said:

I need to look but I believe face is now $95 in the Mezz A sections. 


Cool, if there are any tickets available for the Vikings game could I possibly get one? No bother if not, but if so pop me a PM and can arrange oayment/transfer of the ticket. 

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Sorry the late replies.  My buddy went to the Dolphins game, sister going to the Denver game and I'm flying back east for the Colts and (likely) the Vikings game (JN group going as well.)

As of now I do think I'll have tickets available for the Buffalo Bills and Houston Texans games.  Will know in a couple weeks.  PM me if anyone is interested in those games (face value for Jets fans).

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