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The Yankees plan right now

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This weekend was a disaster. Retreat and regroup. It is like General Cornwallis always used to tell me. Well I forget what he said, but it was something like that.

The one good thing from this weekend is the division is lost, the wildcard is in their future. They have a 5 game lead on the 2nd wildcard. They have a 2.5 game lead on the 1st wildcard. You want that game to be at home ideally. They end the season in Boston. Come home, play a wild card and hopefully advance.

What this lets them do is rest people. Severino hasn't been the same. Figure that out and keep him fresh. No need to rush Judge back, get him back when he is healthy and he still has a few weeks of at bats for the post season.

Use the Sept 1st call ups to keep the main guys in the bullpen fresh.

If they can get Sanchez and Judge back for the postseason, have Bird hit his stride and Severino settles down they will have a shot.


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