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After Hours Mafia - D4


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1 hour ago, Integrity28 said:

FOS 80 for his lack of conviction and getting behind me, and for being my #1 scum suspects fixation (it stinks like distancing). 


For f*cks sake.  Another instance of people posting getting FOS'd just for being active.  I announce I'm getting behind the @Integrity28 and he FOS's me for it.  So lazy. 

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1 hour ago, Stark said:

serious question for kaylee or the vets.
.he oracle role, from what i reaed oden'st refally sound uber helpfsul and sif kaylee is saying she can't ask the mod questions what good si that role?



lol.  An Oracle that can't Oracle.  The MafiaWiki says usually these roles are gimped but I still don't buy it.  We'll see what happens for @Kaylee's flip. 

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1 hour ago, Kaylee said:

Then I'm guessing you must one of his partners. You seem overly confident in what has been bad play by him

Bad play?  lol.  There's no such thing as bad play in a game where 60 % aren't even trying.  @Smashmouth has posted twice, @BrickTamland has posted in Russian, @SMC's decision on his return is to sit and watch with his d*ck out, and @Stark is drunk.

Ape playing this game at half-speed and @Leroy's contributions have been the best parts of this game. 

Glad you were the lynch today regardless of alignment. 

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"So, uhh, how are we doing this thing?" Everyone looked around not sure if they should single out one of their friends to die or wait for one of those so called friends to point the finger at them first. "Let's decide randomly. That's the fairest way obviously." Everyone muttered their agreement and they all stood in a circle with a bottle in the middle. "Ok you all know how this works. It's spin the bottle. Except you don't get to make out in a closet at the end. If the bottle picks you we're going to put a noose around your neck and string you up. Everyone has a chance, fairs fair. Ok annnnnnd...SPIN!" The bottle was spun. Round and round it went. You could feel everyone's eyes watching it's every rotation.



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"Die traitor!"
Before the bottle stopped spinning several people pulled out knives and stabbed who they thought was Kaylee Caesar style. She screamed and blood was spilling everywhere but they kept stabbing here while the rest of the group watched. Finally they stepped away as the young Irish man slumped to the floor. "......." *coughcough* "........" *cough*.


"What are you trying to say? Speak or die already!"

"80....he...he's an a$$hole."

Everyone looked bewildered at her last words, "That's it?"

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Damnit I keep forgetting to link my own story. Ok Part 2.


The air shimmered and there was Kaylee laying dead on the ground while the JN mafia crew stared in horror at those with the bloody knives. "We were going to do it randomly! Fairly! What did you guys do!?" They gave the rest of the group a dead eyed stare. "We did what we had to do to fix this. There are killers among us and we have to figure this thing out. I am not letting fate decide whether I live or die when I know I'm not the killer."


"Uhhh you totally just killed Kaylee though..."


"Shut the **** up Nolder, go take another nap."


"Whatever I didn't want to be here anyway stupid ******* game and stupid ******* bar why did I even come I could have been leveling my stupid ******* charmander into a badass charizard but noooo I had to go socialize with stupid ******* people instead of stupid ******* pixels...."


"Look the point is we can't keep killing each other just because some weird ass voice said some of us are killers. That makes no sense!"


"We'll talk about it tomorrow. I'm going to bed. Someone dump Kaylee behind the bar. Later"


With that a couple people picked up Kaylee while the rest filed out to go home.

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