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After Hours Mafia - D4


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4 minutes ago, Stark said:

right... but you have only votde brick... so you are only concerned with him? this is my point. you caon keep casting a vote ofr him, but all you apre doing is trying to goet 1 player zto "loosen" hup their play. 

this is wihy hi am voting pyou, you aretn't tryign to find anything/orhet inforjmation.

Why you protecting scum?  

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20 minutes ago, Jetscode1 said:

I've never really bought into meta as a scum hunting tool...with that said...when players (especially new players as I assume Brock is) show anti-town behavior (inactivity or hiding) they need motivation (votes) to loosen up their play...if not we get multiple players at end game who have zero voting record/commentary to try and determine their alignment.  The only way town wins those types of games becomes heavily dependent on the play of the power roles. 

I understand this but we haven't really seen you suss anyone else but me.

Do you have a top 3?

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Just now, Kaylee said:

Vote Count

Smash (4) - Leroy, Ape, Gata, Stark

Stark (1) - JC


Not Voting (3) - SMC, Smash, Brick


With 8 alive it takes 5 to lynch



Unvote, Vote Smash.

Lazy scum is still scum.

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"Well? What do we do now?"

The great debate had been raging so intensely all day it seemed like only a short while. No one could agree on how to find the killers or how to handle the situation. Everytime there was something close to an agreement someone would fling poo and it would start all over again. "I think," Gata said monotonously, "we should beepbeepboop beep." Everyone looked at her for a second and then went back to discussing normal human things.


"Hey...has anyone seen Smash?"


It was then that everyone realized Smash had been missing from the action for several days now. Everyone spread out and started looking all over the bar for him. Finally a shout came from the woman's bathroom. "Found him!" There was Smash, sitting on the toilet with his pants down and a half empty bottle of tequila in his hands. "What. The. ****?" A mixture of disgust and pity crossed every face until someone finally said what everyone was  thinking. "Let's draw dicks on his face and then kill him." So they found some markers and... 8====> all over Smash's face." When he didn't wake up they knew it would be easy. They hauled him up and off the toilet, turned him around, and dunked his head back in. It took a few minutes and he did wake up and struggle in the end but after less time than it takes to finish a margarita Smash was drowned in the womans toilet. A fitting end for a sad sad man.


"Well I guess that solves that for the day. Same time tomorrow everyone?" 

They all mumbled their agreement and the air shimmered and they went home.


Smash, Jose Cuervo, Town 1x Rolestopper has been lynched!


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1 hour ago, Smashmouth said:

my fault I was inactive in a dead game close to the season. I forgot to check in today

I mean if you weren't going to be active you should have said so earlier. We just lost another town.


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