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Canuck Watch; WR Chase Claypool, ND

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I'm going to be extra horny for WRs this year; both b/c i think the class of 2019 is loaded and under the radar (we'll see if that holds) AND because.... FOR ONCE, we're not look at QBs!...


Meet Chase Claypool - who grew up in my backyard and will be (potentially) Canada's best export in... well ever at WR..... 1/3 Graham, 1/3 each alumni-brothers Floyd & St. Brown

He's not on any top 10 WR lists yet... but let's see where that goes in 3 months. 


**Also - who the fck is ND 'RB dexter williams... boner alert. Need keep tabs on that dude

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On 8/8/2018 at 9:31 PM, F00tballGuy69 said:

Will keep an eye out for Claypool in the upcoming season.


Thoughts on Anthony Johnson of Buffalo?

I really like him as a player and think he'd be a nice compliment to Anderson.   




Right now I'm comfortable with AJ Brown, Deebo, K. Harry... Anthony's on my list of people to follow this year. Can't wait to see the new Jalen Hurd at Baylor as well. 


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