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Trade for Mack?

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4 minutes ago, freestater said:

I hear ya. The ultimate point of the draft is to end up with a guy like Mack anyways

While you are 100% correct about the point of the draft, the bigger question is do we have options to address pass rusher in FA, and keep our pick to take a LT? 

If Mack does eventually report (he would be giving up $13.8 million if he doesnt), then next year the raiders could franchise him, keeping the price to acquire him equally high so if we tried to acquire him in the 2018 offseason, i dont see the price dropping.

The other thing is Gruden is very much attached to veteran players, so I dont know if there is a way to add a player (skrine, clairborne, jennkins) and possibly recoup a 3rd for our first to allow us to have some sort of pick in 2019.  

The best hope we have for negotiating anything is for Teddy to light it up tomorrow night and give Mac another chip

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