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Trade for Mack?

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57 minutes ago, Lith said:

Willing to give up a 1, plus another 1 or 2 later picks.  But not two 1s for a guy that will need to be paid $100MM +.  That said, I can't see the Raiders letting him go.  A deal will get done eventually.

I don't love surrendering a first-rounder+ and paying a $100M+ contract for a single player, no matter how good he might be. That leaves the Jets waiting until the third round (unless they trade that, too) to make their first pick next year, on a team that still has some holes to fill. 

If they do make a deal, it had better be contingent on Mack signing long term. I'd read somewhere that one of the sticking points for him was that he wanted the bulk of his money to come after the team moves from California to Nevada - dropping his state income tax rate from over 10% to 0%. Apparently, Gruden has his contract set up this way. Mack won't love New Jersey taxes. 

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3 minutes ago, Doggin94it said:

Convert the bulk of Bridgewater's salary to signing bonus and pay him the vet minimum in P5 salary.  Trade 2019 3rd, Bridgewater (who the Raiders then get for vet minimum cap and cash), and 2020 1st for Mack.  Pay Mack his money for his prime years, which will occur while the Jets have Darnold at a relative discount.  Use the 1st in 2019 to draft a franchise LT.


I don't know if the Raiders bite at this, but I'd be down. 

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