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The Crimson King

The GAS (Music Gear) Thread

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52 minutes ago, Creepy Lurker said:

I’m at a point where I think I have everything that I need for now actually......until I get a new bass to round out my setup. 

Here 'ya go:

https://reverb.com/item/14334754-alembic-stanley-clarke-brown-bass-flamed-walnut-not-pre-owned?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkM2viZCr3wIVAaeGCh3TCA-iEAQYASABEgJ32PD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&pla=1 '

short scale bass, good for guitar players

too bad it costs more than some used cars :)


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kinda related ..

anyone on the TalkBass web site? Even more active than this place ! Wish there was still a guitar or synth site like this. 

Bunch of useful people, none of which are crying to fire the head of Fender or Sadowsky or whatever


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On ‎11‎/‎19‎/‎2018 at 11:28 AM, The Crimson King said:

Didn't want to start another sparsely attended music thread but I have been asked to sink to the low of lows ,,,, join a wedding band.

One of the guys that I play with from time to time met these two girls who have been singing in clubs (they are both GREAT vocalists, hot as heck and way younger than us) who are tired of not making any money in the local clubs (so little of those gigs around here these days and they pay next to nothing). Now I haven't been to many weddings on recent days but from what I did see the standard are DJ "bands" that played dance hits on a PC and had members that were there to "enable" the crowd. Do bands actually get jobs?

Assuming this is doable and could be marketed on the basis of the singers (they are both that good), this could be interesting

Bad news is that I would figure on no fusion, prog rock, hard rock, blues or jazz so no guitar or synth or even harp for me. To cut down on the number of members, they want me to play bass. This could be a blast and probably somewhat easier, just bass and amp, no FX (got an old Fender Jazz to dust off), songs not pieces, etc. No pressure. 

So the question is, what are the standard songs one needs these days? I would guess that the Moon River and Hava Nageela of the old days have thankfully passed into obscurity and that the catalog needs to be constantly updated.

Sounds worth a try just for the giggles (and maybe really get paid for this?).

Any advice? Information? Insight? Jokes?   


So it has been about 6 weeks of this and I want to apologize to every bass player who has ever lived for thinking that this is easy. Like for real. My $%^$ hand HURTS !

Had to nail Ain't No Stopping Us Now and the %^$% drummer plays it too fast so I am breaking my arse trying to keep up, then have to do it over (and over) again because the drummer screwed up and the BL has it out for him (for like 50 yrs !). It is a lot of notes. Nothing like guitar of course but those darned strings are so thick and wide apart that it is haaaaard. Did I mention that my hand hurts? Some stuff is easy like Happy, Rolling the Deep and even Boogie Oogie but even those are harder when your HAND HURTS ! BTW:  Good Times by Chic makes up for all of this, Whatta blast to play !

Thinking of maybe getting a short scale bass to make this easier, anyone have any experience with one?

Meanwhile we are moving to one of those studios for full practice this weekend to start folding in the divas, I get to play a full stack SVT. Stand Back !


Been taking one of the electrics to a regular open mic with a looper and a multi FX and doing stuff like Birds of Fire, Wurm, 21st Century Schizoid Man, instrumental originals, etc.. Getting a lot of strange looks, especially since the gig moved to a bar with a younger crowd,, although they do love Schizoid Man and make me repeat it. So I took the one acoustic that I have (about a 20 yo Ovation) that I never used and am having it set up and the preamp replaced. This should be a new challenge to just use that,  A question and a request in that regard:

Q: Any recommended FX or should I just plug in and play? I plan on doing actual songs and may even write a few. If course, one needs to mix in You Know, You Know once in a while but I will try to restrain myself.

R: How about some good songs to play? I do not have a very sweet voice and am prone to bluesly growling but I need something these kids will notice. Willing to try anything I can get on Ultimate Guitar Tabs and learn on You Tube 


Did I note my sincere apologies to our bass brethren, certified or otherwise? Guess I won't be learning that solo to After The Cosmic Rains soon.



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Also, don't forget NAMM is Jan. 24-27. I expect the appropriate reporting. failure will result in  … uh .. well nothing … but always some fun stuff to jones over. So far, a nice Epi double cut and a whole bunch of new Ibanez. Godin is coming out with an acoustic Iine.  I expect that software will rule the roost again

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Today, Fender announced that it has acquired Bigsby and its assets from Fred Gretsch Enterprises.

In a press release, Fender said that Bigsby will continue to operate as a standalone business under the Fender Musical Instruments Corp’s (FMIC) Speciality Brands umbrella, which also includes Jackson, Charvel, EVH Gear and Gretsch.

“We are excited to acquire Bigsby and add to our esteemed portfolio of specialty brands.” said Jeff Cary, senior vice president of FMIC Specialty Brands. “There is such a rich history with the vibratos, and a mystique around the guitars, pedals and steel instruments that is fascinating. Fred and Dinah Gretsch have been wonderful owners and we look forward to working with them to ensure a smooth transition.”

“Paul Bigsby, Ted McCarty, Dinah and Fred Gretsch and Fender Musical Instruments Corp. all have one thing in common, an unquestioning dedication to product excellence over the long haul,” said Fred Gretsch. “We congratulate team Fender on this strategic acquisition.”

Gretsch, which frequently features Bigsby vibratos on its guitars, entered into its own relationship with Fender back in 2002.

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