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Jets interested in Fowler Jr.

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17 hours ago, Sperm Edwards said:

I don’t see that as an issue either on its face. A person isn’t only allowed to get into fights with low-level scrubs on the other side of the ball. Who knows what they were fighting about, or who egged on whom? First off in this case it wasn’t even on the field so the position makes no difference; they were shouting at each other and no punches were thrown. Fowler may very well be a hothead that we want no part of; I haven’t followed his career closely at all. It certainly seemed like he was having a bad day at a minimum.

However 6’3”/255 is certainly big enough to be a 4-3 DE. Even less of an issue if your other DE is a bigger end (e.g. Leo).

So... if you had otherwise strict 43 personnel (e.g. a few 225-235-pound LBers and a good, gap-shooting type DT or two), you’d be looking to make changes to get rid of both your DEs named Yannick Ngakoue and Khalil Mack because they’re too small. Duly noted, lol. Call me up first when you want to make a trade ;)

What are you talking about K Mack was the only player to be all pro at two positions De and Olb. ( in the same year) K Mack is not only one of the best pass rushers, but he one of the best run defenders.  K Mack can play De in 4-3 ( Raiders are 4-3 defense) ) or play Olb in 3-4 defense.   Also he's 6'3 265 . 

Bruce Irvin 6'3 260 will play De opposite K Mack .  Unlike Mack he isn't as good a run defender , that they will probably bring in a Tank Carradine, or Fadol Brown to,play obvious run downs.

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