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Jets interested in Fowler Jr.

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9 minutes ago, Paradis said:

Lol, dude. I like you, and seem like a sensible guy.... wake up my friend. the hit rate on Pass Rushers is less that something like 20%. Not the Jenkins variety we presently roster. The Abraham, Freeney, Miller, etc variety, who are debateably harder to hit on than QBs. 

"Teams do it all the time, and come away with studs"

no they don't. They really, really don't.

They often reach in the first 2 rounds and end up with UNDER-PERFORMING prospects like Leo Floyd. Kevin Dodd. Dante Fowler. Shane Ray.  Bud Dupree (remember that fcking guy), Jarvis Jones, Marcus Smith, Dee Ford etc etc etc 

Unless you're landing THE TOP pass rush prospect, then it's a dice-roll. A bad one.  


Solution; try everything. Sign FAs, trade for Fowlers, draft one if you can. 

This is all nonsense. Drafting pass rushers is easy.

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7 minutes ago, UnknownJetFan said:

I have a better idea. Fowler and Jax 2nd or 3rd rounder for Teddy B. since Bortles will become Bortles again and possibly prevent them from getting back to the playoffs.

Mods please merge with other Bridgewater trade threads.

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