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Jets interested in Fowler Jr.

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3 hours ago, Larz said:

How crazy is this guy? 

Fowler was taken into custody Tuesday for misdemeanor charges of simple battery and mischief, per Auman.


A police report filed about the latest incident showed the NFL player allegedly "hit the man, knocked his glasses off and stepped on them" after a verbal exchange about Fowler's driving. While the alleged victim didn't suffer any significant injuries, he said Fowler threw his grocery bag in a lake.

Ok the lake thing is kinda funny I can relate to that but not a great sign for long term success 

Pass. No way I want this  potential cancer on my young impressionable team. Aren't we trying to build a sustainable future? I'd rather go into the season with the no names we are trying to develop. Fowler is fools gold. 

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1 minute ago, David Harris said:

I don't think you're taking into account the Florida factor - like erryone's a little trashier when they're in that state.

Lmao DH. Respecting Tom Coughlin on a his one. He knows what he's doing. Wouldn't touch Fowler under any condition. Thrown out of practice? Roadside meltdown? Hasn't lived up to his ability on the field? Recipe for disaster.   No thanks 


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2 hours ago, Sperm Edwards said:

BTW a quick Google search will list some players whose teams have recently been thrown out of practice.

Julian Edelman & Stephon Gilmore, DeAndre Hopkins, Evan Engram & Eli Apple, Kyle Long, etc.

If that's a serious reason for staying away from Fowler, it isn't a reason.

  • Being a constant/major locker room cancer (not just him having an issue with someone specific) is a reason.
  • Being a bad football player is a reason.

Things getting heated up as these guys are knocking into each other, where the coach then kicks him off the field for the rest of a practice to cool off before it escalates even worse? Meh.

I would agree with this assessment however,  you have to factor in why these players are being thrown out of practice. In Fowlers case, it's being thrown out of practice by a respected NFL front office guy like Coughlin and following it up with an epic roadside meltdown that as lucky no one was seriously injured or worse with road rage.. Are these the type of decision making skills that Fowler possesses? Is it worth the risk of bringing him into out already fragile locker room that includes Robbie Anderson and a multiple DWI offender who drove through the Lincoln tunnel the wrong way? I'm not is saying that I am totally against this potential move but I am not giving up a trading chip like Teddy Bridgewater for him. 

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