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Jets interested in Fowler Jr.

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2 hours ago, Sperm Edwards said:

BTW a quick Google search will list some players whose teams have recently been thrown out of practice.

Julian Edelman & Stephon Gilmore, DeAndre Hopkins, Evan Engram & Eli Apple, Kyle Long, etc.

If that's a serious reason for staying away from Fowler, it isn't a reason.

  • Being a constant/major locker room cancer (not just him having an issue with someone specific) is a reason.
  • Being a bad football player is a reason.

Things getting heated up as these guys are knocking into each other, where the coach then kicks him off the field for the rest of a practice to cool off before it escalates even worse? Meh.

While I agree with you that Jacksonville doesnt need Fowler and that fighting isnt a big deal, the issue is he wasnt fighting an offensive player he was going against, he was fighting Ngakoue who is their best player at the same position fowler plays.

I also think Fowler would be a much better fit in a true 3-4 OLB role then as a 4-3 DE.  Hes not big enough to be a DE.

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1 hour ago, Sperm Edwards said:

However 6’3”/255 is certainly big enough to be a 4-3 DE. Even less of an issue if your other DE is a bigger end (e.g. Leo).

So... if you had otherwise strict 43 personnel (e.g. a few 225-235-pound LBers and a good, gap-shooting type DT or two), you’d be looking to make changes to get rid of both your DEs named Yannick Ngakoue and Khalil Mack because they’re too small. Duly noted, lol. Call me up first when you want to make a trade ;)

Really not sure how  you took me saying Fowler is a better fit in a 3-4 as saying I would want to get rid of Kahil Mack and Ngakoue - those guys are fine to play DE at 250 because they have elite speed, something Fowler doesnt have.  But ok

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