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Jets interested in Fowler Jr.

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2 hours ago, Larz said:


-3rd overall pick

-Tore ACL



-Lost starting job week 2

-4 sacks as backup DE



-Arrested for simple battery

-8 sacks as backup DE



-Option declined 

-1 gm. suspension for arrest

-1 wk. suspension for fighting


10:59 PM - Aug 12, 2018

I somehow still want him despite you being right about all of this.

He would be the best pass rusher the Jets have had in 10 years since J-Abe.  I think it's worth a flier.  He's on the last year of his rookie deal and will be a Free Agent.  The jets could always just bench him or ban him or not resign him. 

All his troubles are the only reason he is available.  A young talented #3 overall worthy pick entering his prime is just too tasty to pass up for me.  There's basically no commitment.  If he is a bad locker room guy or gets in trouble you can wash your hands of him easily.  But IF....!!!  IF it works out and he somehow gets his sh*t together we have THE BIGGEST PIECE OF THE PUZZLE ON DEFENSE AND THE HARDEST TO FIND.  And then ALL our draft capital next year goes into a strong offensive line rookie class coming out next year. 

Huge upside move - only a little bit of downside being we can cut him loose easily at anytime this year.

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3 minutes ago, Larz said:

All good points and the biggest one is this is why he is available. That's always the catch, why is his team letting him go? You would hope it's money, but when it's character it's a Yoog gamble. 

He would be my preference by miles over Shane Ray. That guy is a major disappointment. 

I have always felt a good locker room cab handle 1 maybe 2 idiots but when it gets up to 3 or more you are asking for trouble. 

I think donohue is a goner so the Jets have Anderson and I think 1 other, Herndon but I'm hopeful that was an isolated deal. 

I wouldn't hate it if they traded for him but he would have to win me over 

Lockstep agreement.

The defense doesn't really have any bad apples right now.  Fowler was in Leo's class and I know that Fowler actually worked out this offseason with D. Lee and Marcus Maye - you hope he'd have a support group.  But absolutely it could South, may even be more likely than not, like the guy has no morals and is a loose cannon and him mixed with NYC could be horrible...BUT....but maybe not

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13 minutes ago, Copernicus said:

Lmao DH. Respecting Tom Coughlin on a his one. He knows what he's doing. Wouldn't touch Fowler under any condition. Thrown out of practice? Roadside meltdown? Hasn't lived up to his ability on the field? Recipe for disaster.   No thanks 


Fair, fair.


Can't argue but...I still want him.

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