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One Jets Drive Finale last night


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22 minutes ago, chrisfaceoff said:

I've dropped the ball on making posts about the weekly episodes, but that finale was something else.


These pieces are so well done, and I really hope this becomes a tradition they document each year.  The way they ended it tying in ushering in a new generation and new beginnings gave me chills, and has my optimism on the rise.  Focusing on McBride this week was also a high point for me.  You can see how much effort he is putting in, and keeps remind himself "just one play" is a great way to stay grounded and focus on each opportunity.  Hopefully he finds a way to crack this roster.


This one was a bit longer than the others(coming in at about 20 min), but if you haven't checked it out, I highly recommend it.

I agree.  Really enjoyed last night's show.  They probably could do an entire episode of Joe talking to his former teammates -- I wish that piece in the open was longer.  As for McBride -- seems like a really easy guy to root for.  I hope he makes the team.

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31 minutes ago, Jets1958 said:

By the way - Who exactly were those three other guys at the table with Joe. I was wondering which 1969 Jets were with Joe? Anyone have their names?

Randy Beverly, Ralph Baker and Jeff Richardson.  I think I saw those in the video??

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