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Patriot Killa

Should we be concerned that Marcus Maye is seeming injury prone?

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On 9/6/2018 at 2:48 PM, Patriot Killa said:


Woah I didn’t stick him with any label, I asked the forum if we should be concerned being that he played in the PS game but has been in and out of the loop due to his ankle/knee all summer.

that is all i’m saying. I said “seeming” injury prone for that specific reason.

Then the answer is NO. We should NOT be concerned. Case closed. Next topic. 

Seriously, has he missed a single regular season game yet??? 

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15 hours ago, Defense Wins Championships said:

Exactly and both FS & SS were big holes heading into our 2016 draft and we plugged them with two badass SEC Safety's out of LSU & Florida in Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye.  

And Calvin Pryor is no longer here because of it. Excellent. 

And now for at least the next 3-4 years our front office can focus on building around Sam Darnold and our offense throughout both the draft while attacking free agency without ever having to focus on our backend Safeties again within our foreseeable future and as you mentioned we have strong backup depth in Terrence Brooks and Doug Middleton. 

You really can not expect an Arizona type of Todd Bowles led defense without (first) giving him key Secondary pieces such as Trumaine Johnson and Morris Claiborne as his two #1 CB's and now playing alongside of a top tier FS/SS tandem in Marcus Maye and Jamal Adams to work with.

And in order for an Arizona like defense to happen we'll also need a secondary featuring depth with players such as Buster Skrine who's now back to his natural position of an inside nickel back followed by prospects in Parry Nickerson/Juston Burris and Middleton/Brooks which could end up being significant and paying dividends due to Bowles himself making a future living off of his Arizona led secondaries. 

At the end of the day and especially within today's game you've gotta be able to both defend and stop the pass.

And you'll need an elite Revis like Secondary or a Seattle Legion of Boom all around unit in order to do so and not even a Khalil Mack type of pass rusher is no where near enough to elevate his Defenses and all you've gotta do is ask Oakland and their swiss cheese Raiders secondaries over his 4 year stint (1 winning - 3 losing seasons). 

I can never question Maccagnan going SS/FS 1-2 when the entire sports world understood QB's such as Mayfield, Rosen, Allen, Jackson and in our case Sam Darnold were soon declaring the very next draft. 

I agree 100%.

And as far as Macc neglecting the offense. Did he not just trade up to take the top QB prospect in the draft??? And he was only able to do that b/c he made a shrewd move by trading malcontent Sheldon Richardson. Did he not also get a solid veteran WR out of it?? You know, to HELP the offense, the offense led by said top QB prospect??? 

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