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Should we be concerned that Marcus Maye is seeming injury prone?

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11 minutes ago, Defense Wins Championships said:

Well said and since his arrival he's acquired a few (key) offensive talents such as Robby Anderson and Jermaine Kearse @ WR.

A blindside veteran pass protector in Kelvin Beachum along with a 6'5 325 lb RT out of South Carolina who started 12 games as a 2nd year player last year in Brandon Shell @ OT. 

And just this past Free Agency period landed 3 additional FA's in RB Isaiah Crowell who's rushed for over 800 yards behind an anemic Cleveland Browns offense, Spencer Long as a replacement @ Center over Wesley Johnson who ranked 32nd amongst all starting Center's and who was acquired by the Ryan regime and a former 1,000 yard receiver w/ CLE (2016) in WR Terrelle Pryor. 

He's yet to splash (just, yet) but he's never ignored our offense throughout a complete team rebuild and roster purge. 

Not all draft picks are nail on the heads but he's at least attempted to kick the tires on an...

• Ohio State deep threat of a WR and speed burner in Devin Smith.

• Bryce Petty (QB out of Baylor).

• Hackenberg (QB out of Penn State).

• Teddy Bridgewater who he immediately turned into a 3rd round draft pick (for 500k).

• 2 WR's out of Powerhouse Conferences (SEC/ACC) and history programs (Alabama/Clemson) in ArDarius Stewart and Charone Peake,

• TwoTwo TE's out of the loaded ACC out of Clemson and Miami (FL) in Jordan Leggett and Christopher Herndon IV.

• Potential sleeper RB's in Elijah McGuire and Trenton Cannon. 


And most importantly he traded up from 6th overall to 3rd overall (aggressive) and stole us the NFL's highest rated QB Prospect coming out since dating back to Andrew 'suck for' Luck in Sam Darnold.

And now has our Franchise positioned and projected to rank 2nd in available salary cap space (2019) and 2nd in available salary cap space (2020).

Compared to Jacksonville who's now in salary cap hell due to being projected 31st (2019) and 32nd (2020) after already losing Allen Robinson to Free Agency, set to lose Dante Fowler Jr. as a 3rd overall pick to Free Agency (can not afford his $14.2 million dollar 5th year team option/cap hit) along with more to follow. 

All while still owning our rights to all of our future 1st round draft picks; in order to truly build around Sam Darnold and our QB position. 

He's truly done an overall outstanding job for our Franchise, has our foreseeable future in a much brighter situation than when first arrived and is currently a breath of fresh air.  

Aaaaaand here come the blog posts...sorry mobile users, hope you have an unlimited data plan! 

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He played in all 16 games in his rookie year. A little early to be sticking that label on him, don't you think?

As a fan base we are extremely loyal, in most cases knowledgeable. But damn, we are a negative bunch.

The most important part. 

3 hours ago, PepPep said:

I agree 100%.

And as far as Macc neglecting the offense. Did he not just trade up to take the top QB prospect in the draft??? And he was only able to do that b/c he made a shrewd move by trading malcontent Sheldon Richardson. Did he not also get a solid veteran WR out of it?? You know, to HELP the offense, the offense led by said top QB prospect??? 

Will Ferrell Crazy Pills GIF

No, he traded up because he whiffed on over-paying Kirk Cousins, and only positioned himself for the 3rd best QB prospect in the draft. He got lucky to have had Darnold fall, but his strategy by only going up to 3 was never to get the best. Even he said he never expected. Chance at Sam.

His best 2 draft picks, Sam and Leo were gift horses. The rest are a mess.

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On 9/6/2018 at 2:30 PM, Jetsplayer21 said:

After how many years ?  Getting anything out  of a 2nd round pick is huge ha


On 9/6/2018 at 4:14 PM, Spoot-Face said:

Perennial misery tends to do that to a person.

perennially awful ownership this franchise has had is the one common theme..


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