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Anyone up for a JetNation group outing?

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the last JetNation "group" outing 

So just to make this clear.  I drive a BMW but I am NOT SAR.  Do not egg my car as I pull into the lot until you confirm my identity. That is all.

Yes. I'll totally **** you up if I see you there, bitch. 

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6 minutes ago, Dcat said:

He/she is not going.  Then the decades old 'mystery' would be finally over, leaving the rest of us shaking our heads.

not to worry !.. 


... i'll be there   😎

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Not a major poster here but after several decades just going with the wife, it would be interesting to watch a game with the greatest (and craziest) Jets fans in the universe

Depends on what else is going on but the Denv-Ind-Minn grouping plus BUFF or GB could work here.

Standing by for details   

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12 minutes ago, Kleckineau said:

Sure I will go just to buy Kelly a hot dog.

I love it when hot blondes eat hot dogs.

dear klecki, hi !  😎  thanx, i'll pass on the hot d and..  just an fyi...  


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21 minutes ago, Maxman said:

Sounds like the Vikings on 10/21 could work well.

I will be at that game might have to walk over and meet you all to show you I'm not the bad guy you all portray me to be. 

Enjoy be safe drink responsibly and never drink and drive. 

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