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# Jets vs Lions -- Season Opener on MNF --- The Official Game Thread #


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6 minutes ago, 14 in Green said:

Some of the guys here are unreal. The Jets are playing great, it's a one score game. Yet there were about 100 posts making fun of the announcer. At what point does anyone say, "ok, that's been beat into the ground enough?" Jeez, bring something, or just watch the FU***NG Game!

? You aren't going to last here if you have something against jokes being beaten into the ground. Crusher is probably the most repped poster here and he's been telling the same joke for 15 years now.

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Just now, JetsYanks13 said:

Where’s Crowell been?

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I think we're using Powell at the start of drives and then Crowell as more of a "finisher".

My guess is Crowell will be used heavily in the 4th quarter if we get the lead back.  He's the perfect RB to have when you have a lead.  Which is why he wasn't a success with the Browns the last 2 years, lol. 

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We have a 21 year old rookie QB, a garage sale of an O line, and a receiver corps made up of UDFAs, and average running backs.


The Head Coach is a "Defensive Guru", we have a Defense made of of firat rounders and big name, big money FAs. 


And the Offense is the better unit. SMH. Wake up! Toilet must go!

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6 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

I'm totally calm watching this game.  Even after that TD.

Know why?  We have a franchise QB.  The next 15+ years are gonna be just fine. 

Yeah. No more of this watching on the edge of our seats begging for one score 

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